Are Body Fat Scanners Accurate?

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While opting for any diet regimen, people tend to concentrate on their weight compared to the amount of body fat they have. It’s scientifically proven that even though a person is not overweight, he or she may still have a huge accumulation of visceral fat in the body. The majority of internal fat is concentrated around organs like your heart, liver and pancreas and accumulates between your intestines and kidneys. As discovered by bariatric surgeons, the precise location of this fat accumulation has great impact on the health of a normal person.

Depending upon where it is on your body, people are divided into different categories, and those with apple-shaped bodies have the maximum accumulation of visceral fat, which makes them prone to heart diseases and diabetes type 2. Everyone with fat around their hips and legs are categorized as pear-shaped, and they’re luckier than their peers with apple-shaped bodies as, compared to them, they’re healthier.

How does it work?

It’s recommended by dieticians that, in addition to regular weighing to monitor your fitness levels, you should also monitor your fat percentage in order to reduce the risk of developing serious health problems in the future. By monitoring your body fat levels you can ensure that you’re losing unnecessary fat rather than the important muscle mass of your body. The majority of fat scanners available on the market use Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, which involves sending a low-level, safe electrical signal through the body and then measuring the resistance faced by the signal while it travels through fat.

Body fat scanners are available in different designs, in the form of handheld monitors, platform-based monitors and platform plus handheld display models. The latter models are designed as a combination of a handheld display unit and a main unit measurement platform, and use hand-to-foot technology to provide a more accurate body analysis as compared to foot-to-foot devices.

Body Fat Scanner Accuracy

While opting for any type of body scanner, the main question which arises in everybody’s minds is whether these monitors provide accurate information regarding the fat accumulation in the human body. In order to answer this question, one must have a proper knowledge about how a common body fat scale works.

A fat scanner is quite similar to a bathroom weighing scale, but instead of providing a weight-reading when a person steps on it, it provides a body fat percentage along with the weight. The body fat percentage reading can be quite interesting if you keep a track of it as you’ll notice that, even if there’s no change in your weight, your fat percentage starts to come down when you participate in vigorous exercise regimens. This is a good thing because it means that you’re losing the extra fat from your body and gaining the required muscle mass.

As far as accuracy of such scanners are concerned, they’re not one hundred percent accurate. These monitors provide estimates depending upon the data given by the user, and none of these devices can provide one hundred percent accurate body fat readings. The majority of the consumer’s reports after testing different types of equipment used for body fat monitoring came to a conclusion that all these devices are inaccurate. There is no deficiency in the technology used in them, but the fat percentage readings depends upon different factors such as height, gender, weight, body temperature, level of hydration and time elapsed since your last round of exercise. Even if you stand on these monitors with sweaty feet, your fat percentage levels can come out as a skewed ratio.

In order to get most accurate readings, you can opt for a fat monitor which uses hand-to-foot technology. As there will be some doubts regarding the accuracy of data provided by such machines, you should know that they are far more exact compared to the other models currently available on the market. You can use the data provided by them to gauge the levels of success your diet or exercise regimen is providing. In order to have precise readings, you must be consistent in your schedule with day-to-day monitoring. The best results can be obtained by monitoring your success at the same time of the day, two hours after each meal and in the same room. Apart from making a consistent schedule, you should also opt for best body fat scanner available in the market.

The Best Option for Fat Scanners

Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor

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There are many monitors available on the market, but the Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor is quite popular due to its unique design and its technology used for monitoring body fat percentage along with other body composition readings.

By using a full-body composition analyzer as provided in the Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor, you can monitor your body fat levels, including visceral fat, to ensure that you’re losing the unnecessary fat rather than the important muscle mass of your body. This monitor uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis which involves sending a low-level, safe electrical signal through the body. The Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor is perfect for both adults and children as it’s calibrated to provide and store data of four users of any age group.

This monitor is designed as a combination of handheld display unit and main unit measurement platform. The Omron HBF-514C uses hand-to-foot technology to provide a more accurate body analysis as compared to foot-to-foot devices. The display unit is fitted with an over-sized and easy-to-read dual section LCD display screen. Before using this scale you are required to select a profile number and feed your gender, age, height and weight data into the memory of this machine. After the profile is complete, you just have to select your profile number, confirm your personal data, stand on the platform, grip the handles of the display unit in your hands and this machine will automatically provide all of the above-mentioned readings. Each reading is analyzed according to the personal information given by the user and a comprehensive result is provided.


You may opt for any suitable monitor, but one thing which you must always keep in mind is that these types of devices are useful tools for monitoring your weight loss. They may not provide one hundred percent accurate data results, but they can forewarn you if your exercise or dietary regimen is working for you or not. The second thing is that you should never get obsessive with the readings provided by these monitors; just keep working on your body and sooner or later the results will show. Use these devices to stay motivated, and you will see results in the form of a much healthier body.

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