ASAKUKI Accuracy Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Review

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This is the epitome of class. The ASAKUKI Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale, at last, takes away the dreaded looks many bathroom scales have. You’re left with a minimalistic product that will give you exactly what most people need. Clear answers without going to a lot of trouble.

What are your specific needs in terms of a bathroom scale? Every user has unique requirements as your approach to weight and health is different from other customers. Use this review to help you gauge whether this is the scale for you.

ASAKUKI Accuracy Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

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Bathroom scales are used in various environments:

  • Home
  • Health environments such as doctors’ offices
  • Physical health entities including gyms
  • Dietician offices
  • Personal trainer companies
  • Pharmacies where basic health services and tests are offered

For all these an ASAKUKI bathroom scale may be the answer.

Here’s why.


You don’t have to worry about your bathroom scale breaking easily. This scale’s surface is made from tempered glass that can withstand a lot of pressure. Even wear and tear won’t easily crack or chip it.


For a clinical look you may prefer a basic white design. This ASAKUKI product has such a minimalistic look that it will match with any medical professional’s décor.

What’s great about ASAKUKI is that the company also caters for other preferences. If you want your bathroom scale to complement your existing décor you can. This bathroom scale is available in various exciting colors. This may even get you—or your family members—excited about weighing yourselves. If your scale is meant to help you manage your health this is an incredible benefit. Take your pick from one of these beautiful designs:

  • Creamy white
  • Sea blue
  • Mint green
  • Sakura pink

Added to the aesthetic value are its other physical attributes. At 12”x12” it’s small enough so you can place and carry it anywhere. It doesn’t weigh much. If its use—especially in busy health application scenarios—requires being moved around anyone can carry this to wherever it’s needed.

If you don’t have a lot of space and want to store it its flat design makes it easy to put in a cupboard or under a chair.

ASAKUKI truly thought of all eventualities. Unlike most scales with 90° angles on all corners this product features rounded ones. Now your scale doesn’t pose any danger of scraping you, family members or clients.


The ASAKUKI bathroom scale will give you accurate readings. Here’s why you can trust it:

  • You get this scale with a five year guarantee. This is proof of the company’s trust in their products.
  • The scale has four quality sensors situated underneath on its four corners.
  • The scale is calibrated to offer accurate readings within 0.05kg of the actual weight.

Let’s have a quick look at why you’ll fall in love with this scale.


  • Anti-slip pads underneath prevents it from slipping on bathroom floors.
  • Can weigh up to 400 lbs.
  • Light weight. The 3.6 lb can easily be carried by anyone in your family.
  • At 1” high it’s thin enough to store under other furniture.
  • Various colors available.
  • Easy access to battery compartment for exchanges.
  • Can switch between lbs. and kgs.
  • Batteries included in purchase.
  • Large LED display with huge digits make it easy to read. Digits can be read from any angle.
  • Saves power by having a weight activated screen that will turn off when you step off.
  • Can show accurate readings to within 0.05kg of real weight.
  • No setup required. Use the product as soon as you take it out of the packaging.


  • The kg/lb switch situated on the bottom can accidentally be activated when the scale is moved.
  • More expensive than some other basic bathroom scales.
  • Any glass product carries a risk of cracks and chips if handled incorrectly.
  • Display tends to vanish instead of staying lit until you get off the scale.

Final Thoughts on Bathroom Scales

Health Challenges – How to Let Your Bathroom Scale Help You

Dealing with your weight can be a trying time. You’re surrounded by marketing and media that tell you your worth is determined by your weight. This can make you reluctant to get on a scale.

Counter this with healthy habits:

  • Instead of looking at society’s marketing you should create your own goals. This can be a number—your goal weight—or a picture of a healthy person. Don’t try looking like a super model because their photographs are usually tampered with. Place your goal near your bathroom scale so you always know why you’re weighing yourself.
  • Pick a bathroom scale that adds character to the room. This will prevent you storing it away. This is why this ASAKUKI model is such an excellent idea.
  • Don’t simply weight yourself. Keep track of the readings. Looking at the numbers or tracking the changes can serve as motivation when you lose drive in future.

Use your scale correctly for the best health results and a continuous motivated mind set.

How do You Know You get Accurate Readings?

Even though many bathroom scales can be used the moment you take it out of packaging you should confirm their accuracy. If it was handled rough during transport the sensors may give the wrong readings. In some cases, they realign themselves within a few days.

Make sure you place your scale on a firm and level surface. Compare the readings with another scale’s until you know they’re correct. If you don’t move or damage it you should get accurate readings going forward.


A scale can be an excellent motivator for a health and fitness program. For this to happen you need accuracy. Aesthetic value also helps because as people we’re driven by what we take in visually.

Won’t you want to step onto a sleek but trendy scale rather than an outdated one? Make your bathroom scale part of your plan to reach improved health levels. The ASAKUKI Accuracy Digital scale can be just that. Pick your favorite color today!

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