Best Bathroom Scale from Consumer Reports

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Losing weight is not as simple as everyone thinks. Usually, people say that shedding off some pounds only require counting calories and working out often. What many do not realize is that keeping track of one’s weight plays a vital role in his or her fitness and weight loss journey. The best bathroom scale consumer reports is effective for such task. This allows weight watchers to monitor his or her progress properly.
If you are on the lookout for one, then here are the three recommended products on the market today.

Best Bathroom Scale from Consumer Reports

Comparison Chart

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iDOO High Precision Digital Bathroom Weight Scale
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AccuCheck Digital Body Weight Scale
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Greater Goods Digital Weight Bathroom Scale

iDOO Ultra Wide Digital Bathroom Scale

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The iDOO Ultra Wide Digital Bathroom Scale promises to be an excellent companion for anyone’s weight loss journey. It is large and boasts of a unique and elegant marble design. This bathroom scale has a tempered glass that measures 13 by 15 inches and nine millimeters thick. Its platform is quite large, too at 19 inches to provide more stability and accommodate those with extra wide feet.

This digital scale also boasts of having four most recent version of High Precision Strain Gauge for its Sensor System. This sensor system allows for the accurate and consistent measuring of weight up to 200 kilograms or 440 pounds. Users are also able to switch from kilos to pounds as the unit of measurement. The LCD, which measure 4.3 inches, comes with a blue backlight so users can easily read the scale even in the dark. Not to mention, it also uses large fonts.

This weighing scale is easy to use as one only needs to step on the scale to know his or her weight as the product uses the auto-calibrate technology. It also switches off when no longer in use to save batteries. Three AAA batteries power the unit. Additionally, the weighing scale will display “LO” when the battery needs to be replaced and “ERR” when it is overloaded.

The manufacturer advises users to place the bathroom scale on a flat and hard surface and to stand on the center of the scale to get the accurate measurement. Users must also re-calibrate the scale after moving the item to a different location.

The package comes with three AAA batteries as well as a user manual.


• Unique marble finish
• Thick and wide platform
• High Precision Strain Gauge system
• Can weigh up to 440 pounds or 200 kilos
• Comes with three AAA batteries


• Has a weird tint of color bluish-green
• Discrepancies noted by as much as five pounds

AccuCheck Digital Bathroom Scale

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The AccuCheck Digital Bathroom Scale promises to be a user-friendly weighing scale that is reliable and accurate.
This digital bathroom weighing scale measures 11.8 by 11.8 inches and can weigh anyone up to 400 pounds. It boasts of having the “step-and-read” technology where users only need to step on it to get their measurement. This product also has an automatic on and off switch and high precision sensors to get the weight of the person accurately.

This digital scale from AccuCheck is made from durable and sturdy tempered glass and runs on two AAA batteries. One can easily choose their preferred unit of measurement as it can switch from kilos to pounds.
The product manufacturer promises a limited lifetime warranty for the product. It has also provided the needed two AAA batteries, so buyers no longer have to buy them separately.


• Step-and-read technology
• Automatic on and off
• High Precision Sensors
• Easy switch from pounds to kilos
• Made of sturdy tempered glass
• Comes with two batteries
• Limited lifetime warranty from the product maker


• Floor pads come off easily

Greater Goods Precision Digital Body Weight Scale

31izoBHuclL. SL500

Greater Goods Precision Digital Body Weight Scale promises convenience in measuring one’s weight as well as reliability and accuracy. This product boasts of the step-on technology where users only need to step on the item and read their weight from the LCD screen. Additionally, one has the option to either get their measurements in pounds or kilos.

This digital bathroom scale has an extra large LCD screen that is lighted so users can read his or her weight easily even in dark areas. Also, the readings will be locked after the three blinks.

The scale measures 12 by 12 inches and has a six millimeter-thick and sturdy tempered glass. The product also boasts of four high-precision sensors sourced from Germany. The weighing scale can bear a weight of as much as 400 pounds or 180 kilograms. It is auto-calibrated and shuts down automatically after 10 seconds of inactivity to save on batteries.

The product runs on three AAA batteries which comes with the weighing scale. The product will indicate if it is overloaded or already running on low battery.
The product maker advises users to place the item on a hard and flat surface for accuracy purposes.


• Made from six millimeter-thick tempered glass
• Four high-precision sensors sourced from Germany
• Backlit LCD screen
• Step-on technology
• Reads in either pounds or kilos
• Auto-calibrated
• Automatic on and off indicator for overloading or low battery


• Weight jumps by five to 10 pounds within a few minutes

The Best Bathroom Scale Consumer Reports Is…

All three products are considered the best bathroom scale consumer reports. All the items reviewed above, after all, share the same virtues and features.
For one, they all have the step-on technology where users only need to step on the scale to read off their measurements. Also, all turn on and off automatically and run on batteries. Any of the above products can measure the weight either in pounds or kilos. Plus and more importantly, all three promise accurate weight measurements with their high-precision sensors.

So, which are the best out of the three given their similarities? The AccuCheck Digital Bathroom Scale has problems with its durability. The product’s floor pads come off easily. Thus, the product may not last for a long time. The Greater Goods Precision Digital Body Weight Scale does not have this problem. However, accuracy may be an issue as it has reported discrepancies of five to 10 pounds within minutes of weighing.

Meanwhile, the iDOO Ultra Wide Digital Bathroom Scale has better accuracy and precision than the Greater Goods Precision Digital Body Weight Scale. It can also carry more weight. Hence, this item is probably the most prudent weighing scale to buy of the three.

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