Best Body Analyzer Scale: Accuracy, Support, and Functionality

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What makes the best body analyzer scale? First, it should give you accurate weight results because, of course, that is the basic function of scales. Second, it should be able to help with your fitness goals. Third, it should be convenient to use.

You might think that those criteria would be a breeze to meet since scales are now getting more modern. The reality is that yes, we do have sophisticated measures now, but there is still a battle for accuracy and overall functionality. That is because not all manufacturers will focus on those.

Hence, we will take a look at three body analyzer scales and determine which one is the best. We will also go through their features, pros, and cons. In the end, we will find out which one is a little less heartbreaking when it comes to weighing in.

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Best Body Analyzer Scales

A body analyzer scale scans your current body condition. It does not only reflect your weight but can also show you your bone mass, fat index, metabolic rate, etc. With that said, will this be a battle of the “various measures?” No. We will still focus on how well these scales perform, even if they are just simple.

Comparison Chart

41ZQ2VKF3wL. SL500
Aikoper Bluetooth Smart Scale
41HBz503CCL. SL500
PLEMO Smart Body Composition Scale
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Hangsun Body Fat Weighing Scale

Aikoper Body Analyzer Scale

41ZQ2VKF3wL. SL500

This is an upgraded version since this can show data regarding your subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. At the same time, it can also track your body mass index, protein, basal metabolic rate, body weight, water content, bone mass, etc. Additionally, this scale can sync with your smartphones so that you can also track your progress across different applications such as Google Fit, Fitbit, and Apple Health.

With this product, you can also store as many personal profiles as you like and it can recognize that person and show him or her the recorded results just as he or she steps on the scale. It can be charged using a USB cord that comes with the product, and you only need to recharge it once every four months.

Additionally, it this 11.8 x 1 inches and 3.53 pounds scale has sensors that have high precision to measure physical indexes trends accurately. The platform can also hold up to 400 pounds and is made by an impact resistant tempered glass, while the bottom part is made of ABS plastic. Lastly, using this product will not be too challenging since it comes with a clear and detailed manual.


  • Easy to clean, use, and read
  • Accurate and consistent
  • No problems with the syncing of data to your phone
  • Battery lasts long
  • Offers a lot of information


  • Will not stay connected when you use Bluetooth
  • Fragile

Plemo Body Composition Analyzer

41HBz503CCL. SL500

This body composition analyzer uses bioelectrical impedance analysis technology and four weight sensors that are of high precision. Additionally, it has an auto-calibration system, and it can measure in increments of 0.2 pounds or 0.05 kilograms.

It can measure ten important health indicators which are weight, body fat, body mass index, skeletal muscle, body water, bone mass, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, protein, and metabolic age. These can be displayed on its LED screen, and all of which can be easily checked using Bluetooth that is connected to an application.

These measurements can be synced to your smartphone via the Apple Health, Fitbit, or Google Fit. It can support an Android 4.3 and above model, as well as Apple iOS 8.0 and above. What is better is that the weight readings can be interchanged from kilograms to pounds, and vice versa.

The top surface of this scale is made of tempered glass, and it has a weight capacity of 397 pounds. For it to operate, it requires three AAA batteries that are included in the package. Using it will also be effortless since an instructional manual is provided.


  • Easy to set up, store, use, and read
  • Works well with other fitness applications
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate readings


  • Application design needs a lot of work
  • Not rechargeable

Hangsun HS100 Weighing Scale

416RcKkegsL. SL500

This body analyzer scale can measure body weight, body fat, body water, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, bone mass, and muscle mass. You can also have up to 10 user profiles in the system. In connection with that, it has memory track technology that automatically recognizes the user to show the recorded results abruptly.

At the same time, it has a LED screen with a blue backlight and step-on and step-off technology so that you do not have to turn the scale off. The surface area is made of thick tempered glass while the bottom is made of non-slip, ABS materials. It can accommodate a maximum weight of 400 pounds or 180 kilograms. The good thing is that it will indicate if the weighing scale is overloaded.

This scale is powered by 1.5 v AAA batteries that come with the package. You would also know if the battery is running low since it has a specific indicator for it. Additionally, you can change the unit of measurement from pounds to kilograms.


  • Safe to use on wet surfaces
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Readings can be seen even in low light
  • Beautiful design


  • Inconsistent in displaying body fat percentage
  • Can easily break
  • Will switch from lbs. to kg. from time to time
  • Uses too much power
  • Not rechargeable
  • Cannot sync data to smartphone applications


After careful evaluation of the three products, we have concluded that the best body analyzer scale is the Aikoper Body Analyzer Scale.

We picked this analyzer not only because of the many health measures that it can display, but it is also the most accurate. It is also the only one that does not need any batteries. In this way, you save on the extra expense to keep on repurchasing batteries.

With the kind of information it provides, you can really adjust your health goals and pinpoint exactly where you need to change things. Yes, not a lot of people know what the other measures are for, but if you are someone who has serious fitness goals, you can easily learn what those measurements are.

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