Best Body Fat Scale Reviews

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These best body fat scale reviews list 5 products that combine the traditional bathroom scale with modern technology to give it added ability as a health metrics tool. All of the scales below can not only take your weight but can also give you a body fat measurement. Several can even give you more than that. This renders them indispensable if you need to keep a close eye on your body condition.

Best Body Fat Scale Reviews

Comparison Chart

RENPHO Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale
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FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
41yWyLXISnL. SL500
INEVIFIT EROS Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
Withings Body Cardio – Premium Wi-Fi Body
41pkowEvIML. SL500
arboleaf Digital Scale, Bathroom Smart Scale

Renpho Smart BMI Scale

Starting our list off is this hyper-smart body fat scale from Renpho, which can do far more than just tell you your weight. It is a unique smart scale that is designed to provide you with some pretty intelligent metrics, including your body mass index and overall body composition. 


One of the best things about the Renpho smart BMI scale is that it comes with a mobile app that is meant to provide you with all of those fancy, useful metrics we mentioned earlier. It also works in conjunction with other fitness apps, including Google Fit and the Fitbit App, to provide you with comprehensive insights into the current state of your body and health. 

The scale and app offer you 13 essential body measurements – your body weight is shown on the scale, while other body composition data, such as your BMI, weight, and body fat percentage, are displayed in the app. These metrics are stored in the app to go back and see tangible proof of your weight loss or weight gain progress, and you’re even able to track the metrics of several users. 

The Good

The overall design of the Renpho smart scale is certainly something to behold. It has a sleek and sophisticated appearance that will blend into any decor style, no matter how modern or classic. It is also quite compact, which means you’ll be able to slide it over to the corner and have it tucked away to avoid becoming an eyesore.

As for its features, the scale boasts automatic calibration and highly precise sensors and can measure in a range of increments. It features four sensitive electrodes that can provide you with highly accurate weight data, though for the best results, you should prevent the four corners of the surface from touching any other objects. 

The Bad

The one problem that Renpho suffers from here is that the scale has a relatively low capacity of just 180 kg or 396 lbs. If you weigh more than that, you may want to choose a scale with a larger capacity before stepping on the Renpho.


  • Accurate measurements every time
  • Offers insights into useful metrics
  • Connects with other fitness apps
  • Sleek and sophisticated design looks great
  • Automatic calibration for added convenience


  • Relatively low capacity compared to similar options

Fitindex Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

41tripOrMlL. SL500

Next is another smart body fat scale, this time from Fitindex, and it’s capable of connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It does this by connecting with its Fitindex app to tell you everything you need to know about your body to keep it in the best shape possible. 


You’re in luck if you’re on the hunt for a smart scale that will tell you more than just your weight but are worried that the technology is too complicated. While this scale certainly offers some advanced features, Fitindex went the extra mile to ensure that it’s not too complicated to use, so even if you’re a total technophobe, you should have no problem getting the hang of this scale. 

The Fitindex app is able to sync your fitness data with various other health apps you might use, such as the Fitbit app, Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and more. These apps’ accurate data will help you stay on top of your weight loss or weight gain goals and provide you with real evidence of all of your progress. 

The Good

One of the things that we like most about the Fitindex scale is that you’re not just limited to measuring the metrics of one person. If you and your family are on a journey to improve your health, you can create unique user profiles within the app to track everyone’s metrics individually, and there’s even a baby mode that can help you track the growth of your little one. 

The surface of the scale is made from durable, robust tempered glass that is able to withstand a lot of pressure and damage, so you won’t have to worry about completely shattering it if you accidentally kick the scale. We also quite appreciate that you can export your fitness data from the Fitindex app in CSV to accommodate long-term storage. You’re also able to input data manually, which is a big bonus. 

The Bad

There’s nothing truly bad we can say about the Fitindex scale, but if you don’t mind a bit of nitpicking, then we will point out the fact that the Bluetooth connection to your phone can be a bit shaky. It’s nothing major but could frustrate you if you do your weigh-ins in the morning and are not a morning person.


  • Accurate measurements every time
  • Tempered glass build is durable and strong
  • The app allows for several user profiles
  • App features a baby mode for weighing your little one


  • Bluetooth connection can be unstable and unreliable

Inevifit Eros Bluetooth Smart BMI Scale

41yWyLXISnL. SL500

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your fitness journey into a technological experience, then the Eros Smart BMI scale from Inevifit is the scale for you. It features a unique, high-tech design that will make you feel like you’re stepping onto a piece of the future with each weigh-in, and there’s an advanced companion app to match. 


This smart body composition scale can track a wide range of some of your most important fitness metrics, including your body weight, your water and muscle mass, body fat percentage, bone mass, and much more. As you probably may already have guessed, all of this information is sent straight to your smartphone for you to interpret via the advanced Eros Scale app.

The app is wonderfully simple to use and even boasts an unlimited number of user profiles so that you and your family can stay in touch with your fitness. Like the other scales on this list, the Eros app can connect with any of your other favorite fitness apps to provide a more comprehensive look at how your body is performing. 

The Good

If accuracy is the name of the game, then Inevifit might just be the winner, thanks to the updated auto-calibrating sensors features on this scale. These sensors offer you consistent and precise measurements on a thicker tempered glass platform. This platform can also hold up to 400 lbs, meaning that people of every shape and size will be able to measure their weight. 

As for its appearance, Inevifit definitely went futuristic with this one, but it’s still subtle enough to blend into any décor style. The scale is also quite compact, so you can easily slide it into a corner or smaller space to keep it out of sight when you aren’t using it. 

The Bad

The Inevifit Eros scale might not be the best option for folks working on a tighter budget. It’s got a pretty inflated price tag that’s difficult to look past, even if the scale is of excellent quality. For more affordable options, consider some of the other scales on this list. 


  • Highly durable – made to last
  • Unique design looks great in any room
  • Compact form factor
  • Intelligent app syncs with your phone
  • Unlimited user app user profiles


  • Expensive (but great quality)

Withings Body Cardio Scale

If you’re really on the hunt for a premium weighing experience, then there’s no better scale than the Withings Body Cardio Scale, which does so much more than just provide you with details about how much you currently weigh. It comes with a pretty hefty price tag, but its features make it more than worth it. 


There’s a reason that this is the best-selling smart scale in the United States. The company, Withings, knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to making intelligent home appliances. This scale can provide you with insight into your weight in measurements of kilograms, pounds, and stone, so you can see your weight in the metric that you prefer. 

What’s more, it offers you details about your bone and muscle mass, weight trends, body fat, water percentage, and your standing heart rate. That’s more than many other scales do, so if you’re really passionate about your weight, the Withings Body Cardio scale should be on your radar. 

The Good

The Withings scale features a superior design, measuring only 0.7 inches in height with a solid aluminum base to provide your body with total ergonomic support each time you step on to weigh yourself. This base works in conjunction with the tempered glass surface, which can withstand a lot of pressure and damage, making this a great scale to put on a thick carpet or hard floor. 

You’ll also benefit from automatic synchronization, as data for each of your weigh-ins appears automatically via Wi-Fi in the free Health Mate app. You can download this app to use alongside your scale to get plenty of data surrounding the current state of your body. 

The Bad

There’s one glaring pain point for the Withings scale, and it’s the scale’s incredibly high price tag. It’s going to set you back more than $100, so if you don’t have that kind of pocket change to spare, then you’re probably better off choosing one of the more affordable scales on this list. 


  • Accurate by design – gives reliable readings
  • Works with 100 different health apps
  • Very robust – will last for many years
  • Up to 8 user profiles – very convenient
  • Minimalist design is easy to store or find a corner for


  • Very expensive compared to similar options

Arboleaf Digital Smart Scale

41pkowEvIML. SL500

And finally, in a complete 180 degrees from the previous two scales, we have this affordable device from Arboleaf, a company that is known for its high-quality electronics and appliances. It boasts a simple, elegant design that allows it to fit in with all different decor styles and would make a great addition to any bathroom.


The Arboleaf Bluetooth body weight scale can feed your body weight data to your favorite fitness apps, including the most popular, such as Apple Health, Google Fit, and the Fitbit app. This allows you to track and manage each of your health metrics in a far easier and more convenient way. If you’re a fitness fanatic, Abroleaf has you covered. 

Through the app, Abroleaf’s scale can provide you with 14 key metrics about your body’s composition to provide you with an overall view of your current health. These metrics include your body water and fat percentages, metabolic age, weight, and even visceral fat. You’ll also be able to view a clear trend graph to get a good visual illustration of your weight loss progress. 

The Good

It’s no secret that Arboleaf is highly passionate about accuracy, so they’ve included four high-precision sensors and four sensitive electrodes on this scale. These components work together to ensure that the Arboleaf smart scale provides you with body composition metrics that are consistently accurate. 

Many of the scale’s functions are also totally automated. There is automatic app connection, automatic user recognition, calibration, one and off, low battery, and overload indication. You’ll never have to worry about whether you’re taking proper care of your scale again – it’ll tell you everything you need to know about its current state. 

The Bad

If we had to nitpick again, we’d say that this scale has a pretty boring appearance. Sure, you don’t want your scale to be super flashy or out there in its design. Otherwise, it would be an eyesore, but you also wouldn’t want something so bland. It’s certainly not the end of the world, but it would have been nice to see a little more from such an advanced scale. 


  • It is highly accurate – you can rely on this
  • It syncs with many fitness apps
  • It features a compact form factor
  • Buyers can choose from various body composition metrics
  • It includes lots of automated functions


  • It looks quite boring – design could be better

Buyer’s Guide

Before you run out and buy the first body fat scale you lay your eyes on, take a look at our buyer’s guide below to see what considerations and features you should keep in mind before laying out any money.

Smart Scale or Not?

Suppose you are truly passionate about your fitness and overall health, or you’re just looking to receive a more detailed analysis of your body’s composition. In that case, you may want to consider picking up a smart scale. These kinds of scales can measure helpful metrics like your water weight, muscle composition, fat content, and more.

Some of these scales are also Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled, capable of sending those important metrics directly to your smartphone via a compatible app. They might even be able to send them to your healthcare provider so that they can constantly monitor your health. 

Analog vs. Digital

Analog scales are simply the conventional scales that you’re probably used to seeing. They’re the ones with a dial at the center, on which a pointer moves around based on your weight before pointing to a number on the dial that represents your current weight when stepping on the scale. Analogs are the affordable choice, but they can grow inaccurate over time. 

Digital scales, on the other hand, display your weight through a digital screen on the face of the scale and generally cost a bit more than their analog counterparts, thanks to their ability to withstand greater weights. They also often come with smartphone apps to provide you with some insights into the current state of your body. 

Don’t Disregard Your Taste

Scales are available in a wide range of different designs and colors, and those with glass platforms are usually the most popular since they are able to blend into the aesthetics of most bathrooms. Of course, there are many other options, like scales with chrome lining and matte finishes. 

It’s important to find one that suits your taste and that you find pleasing to look at. If you don’t like looking at your scale, you’ll never want to step on it. 


What makes a good scale?

There’s really only one thing that you absolutely have to look for in any weighing scale you buy, and that’s accuracy. As we mentioned earlier, analog scales are certainly more affordable, but they do tend to grow inaccurate over time, which means you’ll need to calibrate them at least once a year. 

Are smart scales better?

Not necessarily. Smart scales might be able to provide you with tons of different measurements of your body, but if you’re not a fitness enthusiast, these will likely mean nothing to you. If you’re just looking to lose weight, consider a simple digital or analog scale to keep in your bathroom. 

What fitness apps do smart scales pair with?

Most smart scales are able to pair with Apple and Android ecosystems. The most popular apps that you can use to track your body metrics are Google Fit, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and Garmin Connect. There are more, so be sure to check what the manufacturer says about your particular scale.


The best product here is the Weight Gurus one, followed closely by the Mosiso. Both have an excellent set of functions and features backing up their core abilities and they’re also quite affordably priced as far as products of their type go. Third place goes to the bargain item; the Bowflex as it’s so cheap that many users on a budget will be hard-put to pass it up, especially when compared to the handsome but rather pricy Tanitas.

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