Best Digital Kitchen Scale for Coffee

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Coffee is all about precision and consistency.

So, if you are serious about brewing a great cup, you need the best digital kitchen scale for coffee.

This is true whether you use pre-ground or whole beans.

You need to weigh them carefully to take the guesswork out of every cup.

To help you narrow down the options, we looked for five of the best the current market has to offer.

Comparison Chart

KitchenTour Digital Kitchen Scale
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ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer
41hfB9P22aL. SL500
KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer
41AUaF4yQOL. SL500
GDEALER Precise Digital Kitchen Scale
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Raymeefa 22lb Digital Food Scale

Best Digital Kitchen Scale for Coffee: Brief Reviews

1. KitchenTour EG5001 Digital Kitchen Scale – 3000g/0.1g

KitchenTour is one of the more recognizable names in the kitchen scale space.

Interestingly enough, it also makes various home, office, and outdoor products, including clothes, shoes, and even jewelry.

The EG5001 3000g/0.1g is one of the brand’s entry-level products.

It has higher graduation than the EG5001 500g/0.01g variant but should be accurate enough to achieve the golden ratio.


This digital scale from KitchenTour comes with many useful features, which is surprising considering its relatively low price tag.

  • High Precision

The KitchenTour EG5001 is highly accurate within the range of 0.3g and 3,000g.

The Specialty Coffee Association recommends a coffee-to-water ratio of 55g/L, which is roughly 1:18.

Hence, for a 180-ml cup, you will need 10 grams of coffee grounds.

This means that the EG5001 is more than capable of giving accurate measurements to make a great cup of coffee.

  • Easy To Use

The EG5001 is easy to operate and has a clear LCD screen.

It comes with a Tare button that allows you to measure multiple ingredients in a single container.

You can quickly switch from grams to ounces or other available units of measurement by pressing a single button.

As you can imagine, this feature makes the EG5001 useful in other kitchen applications, such as cooking or baking.

  • Lightweight and Compact Design

The EG5001 comes in a slim but durable build, making it very easy to store.

Aesthetically, it would look good in any kitchen with its sleek design.

What’s more, the touch-activated controls are elegant but simple to use.

Lastly, it comes with a 13-cm and a 10-cm tray you can use as protectors or scale trays.


  • Great value for money
  • High precision
  • Easy to use
  • Effortless to store


  • Auto shutoff too fast
  • A bit small for coffee pots

2. ERAVSOW Coffee Scale With Timer

41KJPARgEwL. SL500

ERAVSOW manufactures a wide range of products, including LED lights, bug zappers, and digital scales.

The Coffee Scale With Timer is its mid-tier offering for kitchen scales.

It comes at just the right size for standard coffee pots and is designed by ERAVSOW with coffee lovers in mind.


The ERAVSOW Coffee Scale With Timer is an excellent addition to your kitchen if you love brewing coffee.

It comes with several features that will make it easy for you to make the perfect cup.

  • Accurate Measurements

This coffee scale from ERAVSOW comes with a high-precision load sensor.

It is capable of providing accurate measurements from one gram to 3,000 grams.

For your convenience, you can switch to ounces with a press of a single button.

In this mode, the scale is accurate at a minimum weight of 0.1 oz.

  • Clear Display

The LCD on this ERAVSOW coffee scale is large and has a backlight.

These features make it very easy for you to read the measurements.

You’ll also like that the display shows a warning if the scale is overloaded.

Plus, there’s a battery status icon that tells you if it is running low on power.

  • Auto Power Off

The ERAVSOW Coffee Scale has an Auto Power Off feature that activates after five minutes of being idle.

It is enough time for you to let go of the scale and drip a cup of coffee.

This feature helps save on power, allowing you to use your scale for a long time before replacing the batteries.

  • Easy To Clean

The ERAVSOW Coffee Scale features a stainless-steel tray, making it almost effortless to clean.

Plus, it comes with a removable silicone pad that you can put on top of the tray.

Doing so will help prevent the coffee pot from slipping, preventing spills from happening in the first place.


  • Has a timer feature
  • Accurate measurements
  • Clear display
  • Easy to clean
  • Good size for coffee pots


  • Does not have a premium look or feel

3. KitchenTour EK6002 Coffee Scale With Timer

41hfB9P22aL. SL500

KitchenTour makes another appearance on this list with the EK6002 Coffee Scale With Timer.

It comes at a higher price point than both variants of the EG5001 but offers more in terms of value.

The built-in timer is worth mentioning, as it can help you brew coffee with more consistency.

It would be a great addition to any coffee-drinking household’s kitchen.


The EK6002 Coffee Scale With Timer is designed with the latest technology in digital scales.

It offers a number of useful features that justify its heftier price tag.

  • Precise Measurements

The EK6002 is highly accurate at a range of 0.3 grams to 3,000 grams.

It measures weights in 0.1-gram intervals, which makes it great for brewing coffee.

You can switch between grams, ounces, and milliliters with a touch of a button.

  • Multiple Functionalities

An integrated timer allows you to brew your coffee with much more consistency.

There’s also a Tare button that lets you reset the reading to zero so that you can add multiple ingredients in a single pot.

Plus, the two-minute auto-shutoff feature and battery status function can help save power consumption.

  • Durability

There’s no doubt that the EK6002 is built to last with its sturdy platform and frame.

It is made from high-quality materials, allowing it to resist normal wear and tear.

A removable silicone pad adds protection from slips and spills.

  • Easy to Use

The EK6002 features a backlit reverse LCD screen that is very easy to read.

It has touch-activated keys that are very responsive and look elegant at the same time.

These and other features make the EK6002 convenient to use.

  • Multiple Applications

The EK6002 is big and sturdy enough for multiple kitchen applications, including cooking and preparing drinks.

It will make a great addition to any kitchen, whether you are a coffee drinker or not.


  • Impressive accuracy
  • Has a timer function
  • Multiple applications
  • Very durable


  • A bit expensive

4. GDealer DS1 Digital Kitchen Scale

41AUaF4yQOL. SL500

GDealer specializes in consumer electronics, including solar lights, computer accessories, gas detectors, and kitchen tools.

The DS1 Digital Kitchen Scale is a mid- to high-tier offering from its extensive line of kitchen scales.

You’ll find that it can weigh with high accuracy up to one-hundredth of a gram.

As such, it is ideal for coffee drinkers with discerning tastes and high expectations.


The GDealer DS1 has a long list of features that coffee drinkers are looking for on a weighing scale.

  • High Sensitivity and Accuracy

This GDealer scale boasts a highly sensitive gravity sensor that can read weights at increments of 0.01 grams.

It can weigh up to a maximum of 500 grams, but its accuracy tapers off a bit at less than 0.3 grams.

Still, since a regular-sized cup needs around 10 grams of coffee, this should not be a problem.

  • Great Design

The GDealer DS1 has an ABS plastic frame and a stainless steel plate, making it both lightweight and durable.

The display is in the best position for optimal visibility, and the blue backlight enhances it even more.

  • Multiple Functions

One interesting feature of the DS1 is the counting function.

This innovative addition lets you know the number of coffee beans or similarly-sized seeds quickly.

The Tare function resets the reading so that you can weigh the following ingredients that you add.

With these and other functions, there’s no denying that this coffee scale offers excellent value for your money.


  • Great value for money
  • Very accurate
  • High sensitivity
  • Has counting function


  • Low maximum weight

5. Raymeefa Digital Food Scale

31S6gWL9dBS. SL500

Raymeefa is a newcomer when it comes to kitchen scales.

Not much is known about it, except that it makes a reliable digital food scale for budget-conscious buyers.


The Raymeefa Digital Food Scale is a bit new in the market. Even so, it is already gaining popularity.

Perhaps it’s because it offers key features you will find on more established brands, including the following:

  • High Accuracy

This digital food scale comes with four gravity sensors that provide quick and accurate readings.

At the gram setting, it is accurate between one gram and 10 kilograms.

On the other hand, the scale is accurate between 0.1 ounces and 22 pounds at the ounce setting.

  • Easy To Use

This digital scale features three main functions, allowing you to do everything you need to make a perfect cup of coffee.

It has a Power button, a Tare button, and a third button that lets you choose the unit.

You can switch between grams, ounces, pounds, or kilograms, depending on what you are preparing in the kitchen.

  • Durability

The Raymeefa digital scale is made from a combination of stainless steel, ABS plastic, and tempered glass.

Because of this, it is highly durable and can stand up to the rugged environment in the kitchen.


  • Wide range of measurement
  • Easy to use
  • Durability


  • Reads weights in intervals of one gram

Which Digital Kitchen Scale Is Best for Coffee?

All of these digital kitchen scales are highly accurate and very reliable.

Nevertheless, the GDealer Digital Kitchen Scale gets our nod as the best digital kitchen scale for coffee.

It is highly sensitive and can give readings of up to 0.01-gram graduations.

This feature could spell the difference between a good cup of coffee and a perfect one.

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