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Kitchen scales can make a huge difference when you’re working in the kitchen. Even though you may think that measuring cups and other forms of measurements can be accurate, the truth is, you’re not getting it down to a maximum enhanced accuracy.

I know, why should that matter? When you’re cooking, baking, or tracking calories with the kitchen food scales, you’ll notice that you’re going to get much better-tasting food with an enhanced texture and taste. You’d be surprised at what accurate measuring can do for a recipe, so we’d recommend you try using a kitchen scale. To help you chose the best kitchen scale, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 kitchen scales.

If you’d like to learn more about what they can do for you and which models are best, then keep reading.

Best Kitchen Scales Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Adoric Life Hanging Plant Holder
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GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale
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Etekcity Food Scale
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Wasserstein Digital Nutrition Scale
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LifeStyle Digital Kitchen Scale

1. Adoric Food Scale

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The Adoric Food Scale was created to be lightweight, easy to use, and reasonably priced. The brand has been working on providing small kitchen scales that could be used in a variety of applications. It’s not limited to just use in the kitchen, as it can be used for any other projects of up to 11 lbs. of weight.

Product Highlights

This kitchen scale has enhanced weighing technology which comes from the use of four high-precision sensors which will help ensure that you get a perfect weighing every time. It’s designed from safe stainless steel which adds to the overall aesthetics.

This means you can directly put food on the scale without worry of germs or residue sticking onto it even after being washed. It has an easy operation and supports these units: ounces, mL, grams, and ounces/lb. If you are not using the unit, it has an auto shut off feature which will turn the scale off after 60 seconds of nonuse.

What’s to like about the Adoric Food Scale

The scale works great and is the perfect size for using and storing in the kitchen. It’s excellent for when you need to measure in ounces, grams, etc. If you’re not feeling like using measuring equipment you can use a plate, bowl, or glass to measure your ingredients or food. Simply use the tare function to offset the weight of the object.

What’s not to like about the Adoric Food Scale

The one thing that customers have said about this scale that they didn’t like was that it easily got scratched and was easily dented.


  • Accuracy
  • Safe material
  • Easy operation
  • Auto shutoff
  • 1-year warranty


  • Easily scratches and dents

2. Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale

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The greater goods digital kitchen scale is designed to be ultra slim and easy to use at a reasonable price. The brand has put in a lot of work after they realized customers want a very large screen that has an easy-to-read display with simple buttons. There is no hassle or when using this scale.

Product Highlights

This kitchen scale includes a high-contrast LCD screen for easy reading. The scale will automatically shut off if it is not used for a while and it will calibrate itself. It has a smooth plastic surface and two different touch-sensitive buttons which are very easy to clean. The weighing surface can support weights of up to 11 lbs.

There is also a tare function that allows you to measure your ingredients while zeroing out any other weight beforehand. The whole scale is scratch-resistant and has a very ergonomic design. The units of measurements that are included are grams, pounds/ounces, fluid ounces, milliliters.

What’s to like about the Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale

The scale is compact, very slim, and can easily be stored in places with limited space. It can toggle between measurement units very easily from liquid and dry, and is a great bargain. It comes with batteries, takes up almost no extra space, and weighs ingredients with accuracy.

What’s not to like about the Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale

Many customers have had an issue with the batteries always needing to be changed. There is no auto-off function, so if you leave the machine on, it will use up the batteries.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to read
  • Large display
  • Multifunction
  • Ultra Slim


  • No auto-off function
  • Needs frequent battery replacements if you don’t shut it off after use

3. Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

410iG1ubjoL. SL500

The Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale is a wonderful and nifty little scale that is designed to be used in baking. It’s a stainless steel bowl, and the company has designed it to have a thermometer function which can help when you’re creating recipes. It’s a highly durable and long-lasting kitchen scale and comes with an attached bowl. Choose to use the bowl provided or detach it and use your own.

Product Highlights

This kitchen scale has precise measurements with a maximum capacity of 11 lbs. It has very high precision and only has a rate of error of ± 1g. There are high precision sensors located throughout the scale to help give you trustworthy result every use. The LCD display can display kg/g, lb./oz., and Fahrenheit. It’s very multifunctional and includes a temperature sensor and alarm if whatever you’re baking doesn’t go exactly according to plan.It has a sleep and study design and is crafted from stainless steel and designed to be very durable for a long lifespan. There is a 2.15 L detachable bowl which is great for mixing and other aspects of cooking. The display is a backlit LCD screen which is clear and readable in any lighting. Included is also a tare function which can help auto zero out any measurements that you don’t want. To power the scale, there is a 2 AAA battery installed which does need to be replaced every once and a while.

What’s to like about the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

This scale is very accurate and is simple to use. If you need to weigh more than one ingredient you can simply weigh the first one in the bowl and then remove the measurement and continue. This makes it useful when you’re baking or cooking. It has a built-in thermometer which also helps when you’re baking. Overall, it’s a really good choice for the avid cooks.

What’s not to like about the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

Many customers have noticed that while this kitchen scale comes at a reasonable price and works well for the time being, after extended use the machine will start to malfunction and give out. This is to be expected with many affordable scales, as they aren’t built to last a lifetime.

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  • Precise measurements
  • Multifunctional
  • Sleek and sturdy
  • Backlit display
  • Easy tare
  • Warranty


  • Short lifespan

4. Wasserstein Digital Kitchen Scale

41AWIGq43NL. SL500

The Wasserstein digital kitchen scale is designed to be a food nutrient calculator. It’s better used for meal prepping and tracking foods in your diet than it would be used for any other kitchen projects. While you can still use it for baking and cooking, the company designed it to help you prep and measure your food portions.

Product Highlights

This scale has 4 high-precision sensors that help measure within ± 1g accuracy. You can easily look the food up with a food code among 999 other foods in the manual. Enter the code into the scale and you will get specific data about your calories, fat, protein, fiber, carbs, etc. It has a great look and is easy to clean. It has an onyx black tempered glass screen with a large LCD screen which is easy to see.

What’s to like about the Wasserstein Digital Kitchen Scale

This scale is a very good product and comes with a lot of extras to help you when using it. The display is easy to read, and the design of the whole unit is very sleek and stylish. We like that this scale is also very slim, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

What’s not to like about the Wasserstein Digital Kitchen Scale

Many customers have said that they didn’t enjoy how the unit sometimes gives out and will not turn on or off quickly. So, if you don’t want to sit there and deal with it powering up and shutting down, then this unit is likely not for you.


  • Service measurements
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Memory measurements
  • Affordable


  • On/off malfunctions

5. LifeStyle Digital Kitchen Scale

410Qd45JgHL. SL500

The Lifestyle Digital Kitchen Scale was designed to be easy to use and have a very minimalistic design. It’s crafted with an easy stainless steel finish and is designed to be portable and small.

Product Highlights

This kitchen scale has high precision sensors through it. It can weigh up to 11 lbs. of foods and has an accuracy of ± 1g. It’s user friendly and has an easy to use tare function. To help users who have visual difficulties, it includes a backlit screen. There is also an auto-off function to help preserve battery life and extend the use of the scale. Its created of stainless steel and has a sleek brush surface that it anti-fingerprint and easy cleaning.

What’s to like about the LifeStyle Digital Kitchen Scale

It’s a very minimalistic scale with no fancy extra features or designs and will help you weigh your food. It fits into most places and won’t take up much for your kitchen space. It can weigh multiple measurement units and is easy to use.

What’s not to like about the LifeStyle Digital Kitchen Scale

While most customers were satisfied with this product for its easy use, they were disappointed that sometimes the scale would have a hard time returning to 0.


  • Portable
  • User-friendly
  • Auto off
  • Stainless steel
  • Minimalistic


  • Slightly inaccurate

Buyer’s Guide

A kitchen scale is an essential tool you’d probably didn’t think about until you’re getting ready to measure everything out and realize there are more accurate ways. However, once you’ve purchased one and used it, you’re likely never want to go without one again.

The issue is, there are many different types of scales; some may be right for your cooking projects while others may not be such a great fit. So, here we will explore the different types of kitchen scales available and what they are used for.

Types of Kitchen Scale

Coffee Scale

It may seem a little silly buying a food scale just to weight out some coffee, but for the true coffee lovers, this food scale is a treasure. Not only does it precisely give you measured grounds, but it also has a bloom and brew timer installed into the scale. This will help you achieve that perfect cup of coffee every time.

Large Kitchen Scales

Sometimes you’ll need a bigger scale that can measure more than a few lbs. of weight. A larger kitchen scale will come in handy for those times. This is especially true if you work in the restaurant business and you’re expected to produce large quantities or portions of food. These scales have large surface areas and an increased maximum capacity limit, though you’ll have to check on the brand for the limits.

Multipurpose Scale

A multipurpose scale can come in handy if you’re looking for a simplistic scale that can do almost everything. These scales are designed to have a little bit of every feature and work for general uses in the kitchen. Don’t expect too much out of them, but they will help cover your basic needs.

Healthy Portion Scale

Healthy portion scales do exist and they’re a lot smaller than you would have thought. These food scales are designed to be super small and can fit into your lunch bag or kept in areas with limited space.

Aesthetically Pleasing Scale

I know it also may sound silly, but there are people out there who want a stylish matching scale. There are scales that are designed specifically to match your other kitchenware. Look for scales that offer you all the same benefits you’d want on a normal scale, but also offer you the aesthetics you’re after.

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The maximum capacity on a scale will be highly depended on its design, make, and model. If you’re looking for smaller ones, they will likely only weigh a few lbs. of food. Large ones will hold up to around 11 lbs. or more, but it really depends on the model. If you happen to need a larger scale, you will have to do further research, or perhaps look for an industrial or commercial model.

Weighing Platform

The weight platforms of each model are also going to be very different depending on what the scale was designed to be used for. If you’re using a kitchen scale, your scale will likely have either tempered glass or be made of stainless steel. This helps the unit stay safe and secure and have no risk of any damage.

Tare and Continuous Weighing

Tare is where the unit will zero out whatever weight is already on the scale. This comes in handy when you’re baking because you can put everything in one bowl and keep zeroing out the weight while measuring the next ingredient.


The accuracy of most food scales will usually be very precise and almost perfect every time. The only issue is that cheaper brands don’t always function with a high degree of accuracy. At most the scale may be off by ± 1-2 grams, which won’t impact your baking if you only need a bit of an ingredient, But, if it’s highly important to the baked good, then you may have an issue.

Design and Ease of Storage

Many scales on the market today are geared towards saving space. There are still some that are bulky and will have to sit out on your counter for storage. You can specifically find scales that are created to be ultra-thin or very compact. These will help you if you are constricted on space.

Buttons and Display Options

There will usually be around 2-3 buttons on each unit. One will let you display the different measuring units. Another will zero/tare out whatever weight is on the machine. One will be for shutting or turning the unit on or off.

FAQs on Kitchen Scales

If you’re new to learning how to use a kitchen scale, here are a few different aspects that you should be aware of before actually using one for the first time.

What is a kitchen scale used for?

Kitchen scales can be used for a variety of different tasks. They don’t always have to be limited to the kitchen. You can use them with crafts and any other projects if the objects you measure do not exceed the maximum weight limit on the scale.The most basic use of a food scale is for measuring out ingredients while following a recipe. By doing this, you get super accurate measurements which help your food taste that much better. When baking, if you don’t measure accurately, you’re going to end up with a bad product that doesn’t even resemble what you were going for. Using a kitchen scale, you no longer have to be scared of uneven measurements with your dry or wet ingredients.

How do you use a food scale to count calories?

If you’re on a health journey and you’ve purchased a food scale to help you more accurately track your food, then you’re in luck. It’s really easy to use a kitchen food scale to track calories; you just need to be aware of a few different factors.First of all, you’ll need to buy containers to help in portion control of what you’re eating. Weighing out your food into individual containers is so much easier than just having to weigh food every time you go to make a meal.Secondly, you’ll need to understand how food conversions work. Depending on where you live, when you purchase a food item the serving size will either be given to you in ounces, grams or some other measurement. You will have to change the measuring unit on your scale and then weigh it out. If you don’t you could risk inaccurately tracking the calories in your meal.Thirdly, you need to be aware that weighing liquids and solid foods will be partially different. Some scales come with a function to choose how to measure and it will use different measurement units. Often times you will weigh out liquids in ounces, etc.

How do you read a food scale?

To read a food scale, simply look at the screen and check which type of measurement unit you are using. Sometimes you will have to do extra conversions, especially if you’re measuring in a unit that isn’t programmed onto the scale. However, these situations are very rare.

What does tare mean on a scale?

Taring is also known as “zeroing out,” which means that you put food or a container on the scale and press the tare button; the scale will automatically reset the weight back to 0. You then can put food or other ingredients into the bowl or on the scale and use the tare functions as many times as you’d like.

That way you can easily continuously measure what you’re putting into your container without actually having to use a different bowl.

How accurate are digital scales?

The accuracy of digital scales is going to be much better than traditional scales that you see on the market. However, when you compare digital scales to each other, not all are as accurate as others. Some may be very accurate and give you readings from less than ± .02 gram error while other scales can literally be off by ± 2-6 grams.​

It all depends on the quality of the scale you buy and if it’s durable and can last many uses, as some are known to malfunction after extended use.


As you can see, a kitchen scale can be a vital aspect of any kitchen. You can use it for many applications; whether you’re looking to track food, bake, cook, etc., a kitchen scale can help you measure better.The best kitchen scale we can recommend to you is Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale because it’s responsibly priced, has the most features for multiple uses, and is easy to store away.We hope that this guide has helped educate you on the aspects of kitchen scales. Remember that there are scales made for specific needs, so if you’re looking for one for baking, meal prep, etc., then you can find one to fit your needs.

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