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Brewing coffee is an art that requires precision. It requires mastering those golden ratios that balance the ingredients together to create a delightful masterpiece that soothes your throat and washes away the worries of the past hour.

A coffee scale is one of the essential appliances if you want to brew the best coffee at home. Coffee scales take away the inconsistencies of guessing and measuring spoons. So if you want to add 15 g of ground coffee, you can do it right and know how much water to add for the perfect mixture. 

Here are five of the most accurate digital coffee scales you’ll find today. 

Comparison Chart

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TIMEMORE Coffee Scale
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Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale
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KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer
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Coffee Gator Coffee Scale
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Greater Goods Digital Coffee Scale

Best Scale for Coffee Reviews

TIMEMORE Coffee Scale

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The Timemore Coffee Scale features a pair of weight sensors that accurately measure the right amount of ground coffee, coffee beans, or volume of water necessary to brew your ideal espresso. You no longer have to gamble with quantities with this coffee scale since you can measure and adhere to your recipes for excellently done coffee. 

This coffee scale is ideal for a curious coffee lover who wants to try various brewing parameters. Also, it’s handy if you are a barista or competing in a barista championship where the perfect brew needs optimum precision.


The Timemore coffee scale is assembled using superior quality materials and has several technological advancements. From the first look, you will appreciate the aesthetics of the coffee scale. It has a simple yet modern design. 

You will love the large display that can be easily read in all lighting conditions. There is also a timing function for those who want to create pour-over espresso. The automated timing feature lets you control the extraction time and weight with minimal effort.

This is an excellent replacement if you are tired of constantly buying batteries for your coffee scale. It features a rechargeable lithium battery and a USB charging port. This makes it an excellent choice for environmentalists. It also features an auto-turn-off function to conserve power. 

Another standout aspect of this coffee scale is that it is a uniform block with the display screen positioned nicely below the panel surface and an elegant and minimalist design. In addition, the scale is considerably smaller than other models making it ideal if you have limited space in your kitchen. 

The scale has engraved keys and physical switches to enhance the user experience. You will also find the auto-timer indicator highly convenient. It also features a waterproof pad to protect it from spills. 

You can measure from 0.5g to a maximum of 2kg with an accuracy of 0.1g. In addition, the tare function automatically calculates the net weight of your ingredients, saving you the task of doing the subtractions manually. 

In addition, the weight sensor also calculates and displays the flow rate when making pour-over coffees. This presents you with a wide array of possibilities you can experiment with.

The main downside of this scale is that the buttons are too sensitive and can sometimes respond even when you haven’t touched them. 


  • Rechargeable battery 
  • High precision
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact, saving kitchen space


  • Oversensitive buttons

Hario V60 Coffee Scale 

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The HARIO line of products has created a reputation in the coffee scene, and the V60 Drip Coffee Scale is no different. This scale is useful among home brewers and baristas for spot-on dosing of any brewing technique you wish to try. 

Coffee recipes have an acute sensitivity, which is factored in the design of the HARIO V60. Moreover, the quality engineering of this drip scale gives it a compact size and quick timing mode. This guarantees that your extraction time and measurements are precise enough to complement the Pour-Over station ideally.


The HARIO V60 Drip Coffee Scale features all the design trademarks for HARIO products with its simple and sleek appearance. On the right side, you will find the tare/power button. Next to it is an LED display placed strategically in the middle to show the readout and timer. The minimalist design also means it’s an easy item to store or add as a decorative piece. In addition, you can tell from its appearance that it is an easy device to operate.

Although the LED display is not backlit, it shows the values in large digits that can be easily read. Furthermore, the tare feature means you can quickly take multiple measurements using the same container.  

The scale’s primary section is designed using hard-wearing ABS resin. The material is water-resistant. Therefore if you spill while brewing, you do not have to worry about damaging the device. However, this does not mean it is waterproof. Exposing it to water for an extended duration could damage it, especially if the liquid penetrates the interior. 

The coffee scale has a black finish that gives it an elegant and sleek appearance, similar to other products from the HARIO brand. You can also get them in white, but they are harder to find. 

The scale is sufficiently slim to fit in most espresso machines’ drip trays. Moreover, the new models have improved reaction rates and shorter start-up times. This HARIO coffee scale will give you all you need to make awesome pour-over coffee. 


  • Accuracy of up to 0.1g
  • Easily portable
  • High-quality material
  • Contemporary design
  • Battery powered device


  • The display is not backlit

KitchenTour Coffee Scale 

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The Kitchen Tour Coffee Scale offers precise measurements and a wide range of features. It has incredible accuracy and various multifunctional tools to help you be more efficient in your coffee making. In terms of the build quality, it has excellent construction and superior material. Overall this coffee maker would be a great addition to your kitchen.


This coffee scale is another fantastic K Kitchen Tour product. It’s available in black and has a weight limit of 3kg. The product dimensions of this coffee scale are 8.5″ x 6.42″ x 1.54″ (LxWxH,) with the primary materials constituting acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene.

When it comes to its intended function, it performs exceptionally well. This is because the scale features the latest technology in precision weighing. Weight capacity ranges from 0.3g to 3000g, allowing you to measure and accurately get the proper amounts of coffee in your cup. 

The in-built timer will enable you to time your coffee and maintain consistency with every cup you make. You can add other ingredients like water or coffee powder in the same container to keep your cooking accurate, courtesy of the tare function. The auto-time-off feature helps to save you energy as it shuts it off when left idle for a while.

In terms of design and construction, it is sturdy and safe. It is also made such that anyone can operate it efficiently, with no complicated functions. 

The touch-activated keys make for a clean and elegant design, and the backlit reverse LCD display makes it easy to read. In addition, it comes with an excellent quality frame and ABS platform. 

Cleaning is pretty simple and requires very little maintenance. You can use it to weigh solids, liquids, and powders. It supports several units of measurement, including ml, oz, and g. 

However, one downside to using this coffee scale is the lag during reading. When you increase mass onto the scale, you have to weigh for a brief moment before the scale updates and gives you the actual result. Other than that, this scale is excellent and will satisfy your coffee-making needs.


  • Reliable, accurate results
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Backlit LCD
  • User friendly
  • Durable


  • Slow reading on heavier measurements

Coffee Gator Digital Coffee Scale

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The Coffee Gator company invests in helping people drink high-quality coffee. The time taken to research how to come up with the best coffee-making machines has helped them come up with some of the prime-rated coffee machines in the industry. One of these machines Is the Coffee Gator Coffee Scale. Here are some of the features that this coffee scale has. 


For coffee lovers, this machine is great for kickstarting your coffee-making skills. Thanks to the barista tools found with the device, they assist you in brewing the right proportion of coffee just like the experts would. 

The digital scale features a backlit LED display and can be easily read even in low light conditions. It comes with a pair of batteries and a loading tray when you purchase it. 

Durability is something that everyone desires in their machine. This unit has non-slip rubber feet and a mat that gives the machine a better grip on the surface and minimizes any chances of slipping. 

The sleek design of the coffee scale allows it to fit in most machines and spaces in kitchen cabinets. 

Convenience and versatility are other features that come with this coffee scale. When baking, you can use it to measure other ingredients, such as flour. Since it can measure items that weigh up to 3kg, it allows you to use it for many other cooking activities.

You will also find the tare function convenient as it automatically deducts the weight of the measuring container to give you the exact weight of your coffee beans.  

This product eliminates all the guesswork in measuring, thanks to the digital scale, which can measure in liters, ounces, and volume. You are, therefore, assured of a perfectly blended coffee. 

However, this product is not free from fault. The coffee scale’s response time is slow, which can affect your brewing if you plan to use it as a pour-over coffee scale.


  • Offers various measuring units 
  • Has anti-slip rubber feet
  • Brightly lit LED screen
  • It comes with a loading tray


  • Slow response time 

Greater Goods Coffee Scale

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Greater Goods is renowned for making some of the best kitchen appliances on the market. The company focuses on quality, from chef’s knives and iron skillets to kitchen scales. In addition, Greater Goods is known for its fitness scales, blood pressure monitors, and more. Finally, greater Goods developed this precise digital coffee scale to improve the brewing experience of coffee enthusiasts and baristas.


One of the top benefits of the Greater Goods coffee scale is that it comes with all the features found in expensive models but at a budget price. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective coffee scale, this is the right product. 

The machine has a stylish, backlit LED screen that displays the weight of the coffee beans in large block digits that are easy to read even in low light.

Adding this product as part to your collection of kitchen appliances gives you convenience and improves your kitchen’s aesthetics. Its slick, black color revitalizes the look of your kitchen, and it will be a great addition if you hang it on the kitchen wall or place it on the kitchen counter. 

Kitchens inherently produce a lot of messes. Anything can go wrong, from spilling water to spilling juice on the coffee scale. Fortunately,  this product comes with a high-quality fabric that protects the scale from accidental spills. Moreover, its base is waterproof, protecting it from spills on the kitchen counter. 

Greater Goods goes out of its way to offer customer support. So if you ever have any issues or queries about their product, you can reach out and get help.

The main issue with this scale is that its measuring accuracy can be easily affected by magnetic fields or any other electromagnetic interference. 


  • Stylish design
  • Waterproof base
  • Affordable
  • Customer support to assist with any product issues


  • Faulty static load cell


All the scales reviewed have excellent compact designs that make them easy to store. They are also aesthetically pleasing and offer measuring accuracies of up to 0.1g. If you want a scale to measure higher units, consider getting the Coffee Gator digital scale with an upper weight limit of 3kg.

The Timemore is an excellent scale for those who need an accurate unit with advanced features and a rechargeable battery. Hario’s V60 coffee scale is highly durable but lacks a backlit display. Finally, Greater Goods is for those who want to spend less and get the most value for money. 

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