Best Scales Under $30

Best Scales Under $30

Some people get terrified when they see their weight on a scale. Taking the first steps in combating your weight is challenging. A highly reliable scale is needed to help you track your progress.

You don’t need to always go to the doctors for a weight loss—or gain—progress report. The three best inexpensive scales are presented to you. They prove to deliver accuracy you look for in a scale. You can easily track your weight loss at home. This means no more doctors’ appointments to depend on their scales.

The Best Scales Under $30 Review

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

The scale has four precision sensors. These sensors ensure that you receive accurate measurement readings. These readings will be consistent for those weighing up to 400lb or 180kg. They have increments of 0.2lb or 3oz.

You won’t struggle to read the measurements. The 3.5’’ LCD display with a bright blue backlight displays the reading’s digits extra large for you. When you stand on the scale you can easily read the weight measurement.

The scale is embedded with EatSmart’s step-on technology. This technology automatically determines your weight as soon as you step on the scale. This benefits you because you don’t have to tap on the scale to activate it.

The scale is also automatically calibrated. It turns off automatically once you’ve stepped off the scale.

EatSmart Products Free Body Tape Measure Included Digital Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Lighted Display, One Size, Clear

EatSmart’s scale has a leading industry design. The scale’s construction consists of:

  • 8mm tempered glass
  • Large 12’’× 13’’ platform that sits 1.8’’ off the ground
  • Non stick platform

The scale’s sleek look is designed to match the décor of any surroundings.

This scale is perfect for home use. It’s easy to set up and operate. The precision helps you to track your weight loss effectively. Athletes that want to track their weight gain can use the scale too.

Included in the kit:

  • One precision bathroom scale
  • Instructions manual
  • Body tape measure
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • Customer service information


  • Almost accurate readings
  • Calibration set up is simple
  • It has a compact size
  • Large numbers make it very easy to read the weight numbers


  • The glass can shatter
  • When you place the scale on different rooms’ floors, the readings can differ
  • Doesn’t automatically calibrate at times
  • The accuracy declines after continuous use

Famili 271b Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

This Famili scale hasadvanced features that you’ll enjoy when you purchase the scale. These features allow you to track your weight loss or gain progress easily.

The scale is impressively accurate. The four sensors are made with the latest technology. It has graduation increments of 0.2lb or 0.1kg. These increments are lower than other competitors’ increments. The measurement ranges from 11-400lb or 5-180kg.

Famili 271B Bathroom Scale Digital Body Weight Scale with Non Slip Design 11lb to 400lb / 5 to 180kg, Blue

There is an automatic function feature that helps make the operation simpler:

  • The scale automatically turns on as soon as you step onto the scale. The readings are displayed automatically.
  • The scale calibrates automatically.
  • The power turns off automatically.

The scale is completely safe to use:

  • The surface is 20mm thick.The surface has small bumps that don’t cause you to slip when you stand on it.
  • There are four rubber feet placed at the bottom to make the scale extra sturdy when in use.
  • The scale’s corners are round. This gives the scale anti-collision qualities. This prevents stubbed toe injuries or damage to the walls and surrounding objects.
  • The surface is 12’’×13’’. It’s made with plastic rather than glass. It therefore doesn’t shatter easily which makes the product highly durable.

The scale operates on two AAA batteries that are included in the packaging.

When using this scale the manufacturerssuggest:

  • That you keep in mind that your weight fluctuates during the day. The reading won’t always be consistent.
  • To use this scale on a hard, flat surface and to stand on the center.
  • It’s not recommended for items weighing less than 11lb.


  • The measurements are read easily
  • Strong build
  • Doesn’t take much floor space
  • Delivers a quick reading


  • No indicator to inform that a manual recalibration is needed.
  • Not long lasting.
  • Weight fluctuation increments can be higher than the norm.
  • The readings can be inconsistent when you step onto the scale immediately after stepping off.

Utopia Home High Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

This scale delivers accuracy differently than other scales. You must first step on the scale then off. The scale automatically recalibrates to zero. Once it has recalibrated then you can use the scale.

The scale has high precision strain gauge sensors that work together to deliver an accurate reading.

The weight measurements are easy to read. The scale has a 3.7’’× 2.1’’ LCD screen that will display large numbers.

Utopia Home High Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with Thick Tempered Glass ≈ 550 Pounds

Additional features this scale offers include:

  • 8mm strong abs and tempered glass construction
  • The plastic parts of the construction give the scale more durability that you need for long term use
  • The scale is accurate up to 400lb or 180 kg
  • The weight measurement can be in pounds or kilograms
  • You can simply clean the scale with a cloth
  • The scale operates on 2 AAA batteries

For the best results the scale must be used on a hard flat surface.


  • Delivers the measurement readings almost instantly
  • The readings are consistent
  • Strong build
  • The scale is easy to set up


  • After long use the electronics can malfunction
  • The tempered glass can crack
  • The weight increments are high which can make you believe your weight is fluctuating drastically throughout the day
  • The initial automatic recalibration can take long


You may think that inexpensive productsresult in low quality. This is not the case with these scales. The three have their unique qualities you’ll love and in addition their technological features make them highly accurate. They show you don’t need an expensive scale or even a doctor’s appointment to track your future weight loss.

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