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Fat & Technology Best Body Fat Scales

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Fat levels nowadays has been expanding exponentially and we couldn’t deny this fact, even though some of us are working really hard to get those carbs down.

The truth is that most of us just abuse food in numerous ways like over-eating, gluttony and over-abundance in the variety of food we eat! We cannot cure this over-abundance, so the only thing we can do is lose some baggage!

People who don’t usually do exercise on a regular basis tend to eat more than those that do. This is why weighing scales have been created to help take the guess work out of your weight. But even then that was not enough!

Body scales have really gone from analog to futuristic! Today, most scales have been automated to read various measurements in your body, including of course, your weight, water content, body mass, muscle, and even bone mass!

These features have been created to help people set a goal for themselves in order to become fit and healthy! This is why we have gathered a few body scales that would totally help you to achieve your goals and become healthier.

Through the years a lot of weighing scales have been created and designed to fit your needs and requirements. If you were coming to acquire one for yourself, please consider the few products we added as the best body fat scales to choose from.

Tanita BF680W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor

Tanita BF-680 Body Fat/Body Water Scale

As the first one on our list, we present to you the Tanita BF680W body fat scale. This made it into our list because of its features focusing mainly on body fat and other information concerning your body and its current status. Below are a few features the Tanita BF680W has to offer.


  • As a first feature of this scale, it promotes the capability to read your weight, fat and water levels in your body by sending minute electrical currents through your body and its resistance, perfect for figuring out how much fat your body currently has.


  • As a user-friendly feature, the Tanita BF680W can store data from 2 different people. That way you can segregate both of your current status and view it separately. All you have to do is dial-in your age, gender, height, and weight into the scale and you’re all set.


  • The durability of the scale is quite average actually; it can hold up to 300 lbs. of raw pressure from the user’s weight. This ensures its durability through the wide range of weights..


  • The Tanita BF680W is really affordable and definitely a great value.

Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale

Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale - 7 Fitness Indicators & 90-Day Memory

The second one on the list is the Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale. This automatic weighing scale has 7 fitness indicators, which means, it scans different information which your body gives through the scale. Below are a few features the Omron Body Composition Monitor has to offer.


  • One of the best features the Omron Body Scale has to offer is seven different indicators for the monitoring of your body, which includes:
  • Weight
  • The age which your body currently fits
  • Fat
  • Resting metabolism
  • Bone mass
  • Body mass index
  • Body fat percentage.
  • Because of the scale’s Bio-Impedance method, these functions are possible and could aid you to your fitness goals.


  • As a user-friendly feature of the Omron Body Composition scale, it can be used by anyone. It can also store up to four user inputs from different users, which makes this user-friendly for the whole gang.


  • The durability of the Omron Body Scale is only a bit higher than the first scale on our list. The scale can withstand 330 pounds of raw weight from the user and would still be in tip top shape.


  • The affordability of the scale is slightly expensive, but can still be afforded with an average salary with no trouble at all.

EatSmart Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale

EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology, Black

The third on our list is the Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale that comes from EatSmart. This new, state of the art weighing scale is one of the few top of the line brands of this generation. To prove this claim, here are a few of its wonderful features.


  • It has numerous, reliable measuring capabilities as well as its Bio-impedance methods. Below are listed a few of its major functions and the status it can measure from a user’s body.
  • Weight
  • Percentage of body fat
  • Percentage of the body’s water content
  • Percentage of muscle mass
  • Percentage of bone mass
  • A few features of the EatSmart Precision Body Scale also include a step-on function which gives it a hands-free operation as well as supremacy in automatic weighing scales.
  • It also shuts-down automatically prior to standby and auto calibrates after using.


  • Very user-friendly in terms of people who would use it due to its no-touch operation. It stores up to 8 different users.


  • Absolutely durable as a modern scale. It can hold up to 400 lbs. of raw weight; this ensures its usability even through various types of weight ranges.


  • It’s quite affordable.

The listed scales above are one of the most accredited today as a great weight loser and a body fat analyzer. The three scales have been accredited thoroughly from its reviews and suggested functions, and even though they have different price range, they are all a great body fat monitor.

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