How Does a Smart Scale Work?

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At last you’re able to be smart about weighing yourself. Why is it necessary to be smart? Because when it comes to health—that’s why you weigh yourself isn’t it—it can’t only be about your weight. Many features in your body determine whether you’re healthy.

Finally, there are scales that do more than simply give you weight readings. It’s time you welcome a Greater Goods Smart Scale into your home. Let’s discuss some detail so you know what to look out for when purchasing yours.

Basic Smart Scale Facts

What is a Smart Scale?

A smart scale measures much more than your weight. Through advanced technology these scales measure the following:

  • Weight
  • Body fat
  • BMI
  • Muscle mass
  • Body water percentage
  • Bone mass
  • Air quality
  • Heart rate
  • Metabolic age
  • Water weight percentage

Additional Features to lookout for

Don’t simply pick the first smart scale you come across. Make sure it’s a long-term investment. You can feel even more satisfied with your purchase if you find one that offers you these features:

  • Communication with your Smartphone.
  • Sending information to health gadgets such as those counting the steps you take daily. The scale must therefore by Bluetooth or WiFienabled.
  • Allowing for multiple users so one scale can be used by an entire family. This is also effective for people working in the health or fitness industry. Various clients’ information can be captured on one device.


  • You get an overall view of factors that play a role in your health.
  • If the scale can sync with apps you can track your progression.
  • They’re usually compact which makes for easy storage or travel.
  • Many scales allow for multiple users; usually between eight and 16 people.


  • They can be more expensive than other scales.
  • It may take a while before you understand all the different features.
  • You may need assistance to interpret all the readings.
  • Scales allocate identities according to weight. When two users of similar weight use the scale, their information may become mixed. Make sure you’re working on the correct profile.

How does a Smart Scale Work?

A smart scale works thanks to amazing technology. Most of it is thanks to BIA.

What is BIA?

BIA is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. This system channels current through a part of your body. The scale itself measures the speed with which the current travels.

Why does this turn into useful information?

Electrical currents travel at different speeds through certain parts of your body:

  • It flows fast through muscle and water
  • Fat and bone cause it to travel slow

Each of these body features will allow for a certain speed. The scale can therefore determine how much of each is in your body and deduct other information from it.

The scale incorporates software. The software uses equations to determine specifics about your body. The scale needs the following information for these equations:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Height

These are all entered manually into the scale.

How Accurate are Smart Scales?

Advances in technology enable you to have a huge amount of information in hand. However, the information’s accuracy is determined by many factors:

  • If you don’t stand absolutely still while on the scale the readings will be influenced. The readings between two different sessions can also differ if you simply stand in different spaces on the scale. Accuracy from your side is key to getting accurate results.
  • The electrical current must have easy access to your body. A simple occurrence of thick calluses on your feet can block the current.
  • As described the current travels through your body. Your level of hydration plays a role in how quick the current travels. Measurement before and after you consume a lot of water may therefore differ. It’s important to take measurements in similar conditions every day. It’s wise to pick a time in the morning and stick to weighing yourself then before you consumed too much water or lost some moisture. This feature unfortunately means some readings will not be 100% accurate. This feature also means you’ll get higher fat readings after an extensive exercise routine. Sweating removes water from your body which results in different readings.

How to Pick the Ideal Scale for You

There are many products on the market. Keep this detail in mind so you get one that offers the best service:

  • Power options: Make sure you pick a scale with excellent power usage. You don’t want to change batteries every week.
  • Ease of use: The apps should be intuitive and easily understandable. Try them out online or watch videos until you find one that makes sense to you. Some tend to offer too much information which can be cumbersome rather than helpful.
  • Features: Pick a scale in line with your requirements so you don’t pay for something you won’t use. This includes the amount of users it can handle and which devices it can sync to. Remember not all smart scales offer all the readings mentioned above. Find one that offers you what you want to know.


Smart scales are safe to use in normal circumstances. The electrical currents sent through your body are quite small.

However, if you’re in any of these situations this current may have a negative impact on your health:

  • If you’re pregnant it’s advised you don’t use the scale. The current is sent through the lower part of your body and can have an effect on the pregnancy.
  • Individuals with pacemakers and defibrillators should not step onto smart scales. These types of equipment are extremely sensitive. Currents can cause the devices to malfunction.


What are your requirements? Are you ready to take your health to a next level? A holistic view of your body is more beneficial than simply knowing your weight. Trust smart scales to inform you of relevant information so you can look after the health of you and your family more effectively.

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