How to Reset Weight Watchers Scales: Tips You Need to Check Out

How to Reset Weight Watchers Scales

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Weight Watchers is a brand that specializes in weight loss programs and has been made popular by celebrities who are using their plans. We have seen the results in the persons of Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Tina Fey and even Oprah Winfrey. With the company’s devotion to fitness, they worked with Conair to create a Weight Watchers scale. One thing about this product is that it often requires resetting. Hence, people should know how to reset Weight Watchers scales for them to be accurate.

Another thing is that the Weight Watchers scale is not independent of the Weight Watchers program. The idea behind the special scale is that you need to use it to track your progress properly. Even if you are not following their program, and you are on your own weight loss journey, you can have it and choose from the different varieties that the company offers. Amazingly, their scales have a lot of great features.

What are the Types of Weight Watchers Scales?

As mentioned before, Weight Watchers have several scales for you to choose from and they vary by design and functionality. Nonetheless, most of the Weight Watcher Scales are digital, making them easy to read. Also, they come with a really long warranty period and differ with the weight they can carry and measure. Their digital scales may have a weight reading capacities of up to 400 pounds or 180 kilograms.

For instance, they have a very classy scale that conducts a body analysis and works with Bluetooth in order to connect to your smart devices like phones and tablets. It also displays the profile of each user. The body analysis includes a measurement of body fat, water, bone and muscle density and your body mass index. If you do not own a smart device, the scale can still be used.

Another scale that they have is a tracker scale. As the name implies, this type tracks weight loss. Some of the scales under it hold weight information of up to five persons. These scales have large platforms and can hold up to 300 pounds or 150 kilograms of weight. To use them, you just need to tap on the scale.

Why Choose Weight Watchers Scales?

You should get a weight watchers scale simply because it comes with an extended warranty period. In fact, some of their scales come with a warranty of ten years. Also, their scales are described by some experts as the complete weight-conscious package. That is because they can tell you how much body fat you have, measure your BMI as well as your bone and muscle masses. Some of their scales also maintain a user profile. So, if your entire family is watching their weight, then tracking will be easier since you no longer need a pen and a paper.

They also have some smartphone apps that are able to connect to your devices so that you can better monitor your health and fitness levels.  The scale has a long lasting battery and it is easy to replace once it is no longer functional. It also helps that you can get support when using the scale from either Weight Watchers or Conair’s websites.

What is more ideal is that each of the weighing scales comes with an instruction manual that explains the concepts of BMI, body fat, muscle, and bone mass. It also gives you the ideal reading for these measurements based on your age and sex. It also advises you on how to monitor your weight loss journey, as well as other tips like how to make sure that you are getting the correct weight every little time.

Considerations when Using the Product

Although the scale comes calibrated, you should not use the scale after an intense workout as you would have lost water in the process. You should also not use it when you are wet or have just had a glass of water since it adds weight. Using the scale after these activities will probably give you an inaccurate reading. You should avoid having shoes on while using the product.

How to Reset Weight Watchers Scale?

Every weighing scale, no matter what the brand is, requires calibration or resetting once in a while. There are multiple and simple reasons why you may need to reset your weight watchers scale and such should always be put in mind.

Reasons to Reset

  • Since Weight Watchers scales are battery-operated, it is a must that you reset the product after changing your battery.
  • You also need to reset your scale especially if every person using the scale to weight themselves has the same weight readings.
  • An “Error” message appearing on the screen is also a sign that you need to reset your weighing scale.

Steps in Resetting the Scale

Following the proper way on how to reset Weight Watchers scales is essential in order to avoid any damages to the product.

1.  First, you need to remove the battery carefully.

2.  After doing this, lay the scale on a flat surface and stand on the scale (still without the battery).

3.  After about fifteen seconds, get off of the scale and place the battery back.

4.  Wait for a few seconds and turn the scale on. Usually, you do that by tapping it with your foot or applying enough pressure.

5.  Once the display comes on, you should allow the scale to turn off before attempting to put it on again to measure your weight.

Note: Sometimes, you may have to repeat this process to get the desired results of dashes and zeros on the screen.

Final Conclusion

A Weight Watchers scale seems to be a good product for any person who wants to manage his or her weight, whether or not he or she is under the Weight Watchers Program. Just like ordinary bathroom scales, it will occasionally require a reset or need to be set to zero. The steps to reset the scale are easy, you may just need a little patience as you may have to repeat them. However, if you experience any difficulty, you should reach out to the manufacturer’s technician available in your area.

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