How To Use Analog Luggage Scale?

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While some can travel light, others find it a struggle to keep their luggage within the weight limit.

If you don’t want to end up paying for overweight baggage fees, you need a luggage scale.

It won’t help you pack, but it will allow you to weigh your bags before your flight to avoid extra charges.

With the popularity of digital models, only a few know how to use analog luggage scales.

If you belong to this select few, what will you do if it’s the only scale available? For that, we’ve got your back.

Why Should You Weigh Your Luggage Before Traveling?

Each airline has a different set of rules on overweight luggage, leaving you with extra charges or having to leave items at check-in counters.

Weighing your luggage before going to the airport can save you money, simplify your trip, and reduce stress.

Here are some reasons you must make it a habit to weigh your luggage before traveling:

Airline Restrictions

Airline companies have weight luggage restrictions that every passenger must observe. Otherwise, they will deposit your bag with other heavy baggage.

Adding to that is the significant fee you have to pay because you exceeded their allocated weight limit.

Empty Suitcase Weight

Some luggage models have a significant weight even before you put anything inside. You have to keep that in mind as you pack.

Health and Safety

Weight limit restrictions are implemented for health and safety reasons. Carriers have to think of everyone on board; hence, the strict regulations.

You should also think of yourself and what will happen if your bag is too heavy, causing injury to your shoulders, arms, and joints.

Carrying heavy bags will also leave you feeling sore and strained. So, don’t get frustrated with airline restrictions the next time you travel.

Inaccurate Airport Scales

Some airport scales are not calibrated regularly.

If they give you inaccurate results, it can cause a problem for you at the check-out counter.

Weighing your bag before going to the airport is a good solution to this.

If you know the actual weight of your bags, you can ask the airline personnel to double-check the weight on another scale.

how to use manual luggage scale

Prevent Waste

Due to overweight luggage, there are plenty of discarded personal items left at the airport, which are a big waste of the traveler’s money. 

Depending on the discarded items, some get destroyed, while others are auctioned or sold to thrift stores.

Save Money

As mentioned, airline companies charge significant amounts of money for overweight luggage.

However, the number of things you need to bring will also depend on how long you plan to stay at your destination.

If that is the case, it might be cheaper to pack your things in two small bags instead of fitting them all in one large suitcase.

Smart Luggage Concerns

Some brands have designed smart luggage with a built-in digital scale to let you know the weight of your baggage.

However, some major airline companies do not allow smart luggage for safety concerns about batteries.

Certain battery types can be cause for concern in airlines. You can check online or with your carrier about their regulations about smart luggage.

It would be wise to use an ordinary suitcase to prevent any hassle or delays on your travel.

What Is a Luggage Scale?

A luggage scale is a valuable device for measuring the weight of your bags. 

Many travelers opt to buy and use luggage scales at home to save money since all airlines charge an extra fee for overweight bags.

Luggage scales come in different variations.

The digital type shows the weight in a numerical readout in kilograms or pounds via a built-in display screen.

On the other hand, an analog scale has a spinning dial that displays the luggage’s weight.

Some more advanced models even lock the dial in place, making it easier to read.

How To Use Analog Luggage Scale

An analog luggage scale comes with a clock-like face with pointers, a strap or a hook for securing the bag to the scale, and a handle for easy lifting.

Ensure that both arrows are pointed on the zero before you start weighing anything.

Once you confirm that the arrows are set correctly, you can attach the strap or hook to the bag’s handle.

Using both hands, lift the luggage slowly, making sure you have a strong grip on the scale’s handle.

Hold it steady for five to 10 seconds, and make sure that the bag is not moving. Check the scale and take note of the weight reading.

On analog scales, one hand will go back to zero while the other stays on the bag’s supposed weight.

Why Use a Luggage Scale

A luggage scale, from the name itself, is self-explanatory. You use it to weigh your luggage.

That said, some would ask: Why can’t I just use the weighing scale I have at home?

While you can use your bathroom weighing scale, a luggage scale offers more advantages:


A luggage scale is more accurate than a bodyweight scale and is also more convenient to use.

Because air travel has strict regulations on weight requirements, you want to be as accurate as possible when weighing your luggage.


At $10 to $20 each, luggage scales are more affordable than paying for the excess baggage fees at the airport. 

Less Stress

Traveling is exciting and stressful at the same time. There are plenty of things you have to take care of in advance.

You have to book the tickets, look for accommodations, and of course, pack the things you will need for the trip.

If you have a luggage scale, you don’t have to worry about going to the airport with excess baggage.

Spending a small amount of money on a luggage scale will save you from paying too much cash at the check-in counter.


Most luggage scales are small and lightweight, making them easy to bring along on all your travels.

Analog Luggage Scales

Learning how to use analog luggage scales is pretty simple as long as you follow the suggested steps.

Ensure that the arrows are pointed to the zero before you weigh anything. Then, attach the strap or hook on the handle securely.

When lifting the bag, do it gently to ensure you get an accurate reading. Hold the bag steady until the scale locks in the weight of your bag.

For even more convenience, you can get a digital luggage scale. Not only is it more accurate but also comes with a digital screen that displays the results.

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