InnerTeck Bluetooth Smart Connected Scale Review

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Smart scales are taking the market by storm. The engineering of them makes it easier to track not only your body mass but other measurements that determine your entire body weight.

The technology and the Smartphone app undoubtedly make the scale smart. With the use of the app you can store all the information you need for long periods of time. This enables you to track your weight loss or gain journey.

With plenty of smart scales in the market how would you ever find one that is most suited for you?

The InnerTeck Bluetooth Smart Connected scale is probably one of the best smart scales there are on the market. What makes this smart scale a highly recommended product is its user-friendliness. It’s easy to set up and use both the scale & app.

The article below explores other features of this specific scale to prove it could be one of your best buys.

InnerTeck Bluetooth Smart Connected scale

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The sensors embedded onto the scale deliver a precise measure range. It includes:

  • Your body weight
  • The water weight
  • The body fat
  • BMI
  • MBR
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • Visceral fat

The high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2lb or 0.1 Kg. The ITO layer provides higher sensitivity.

The App

When you purchase the scale, you can download the accompanying app for free. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. The app offers charts and graphs that help you to understand the data received, track your body’s progress according to the data & help you to set goals.

The scale’s internal memory allows 10 different users to sync to the scale. When your Smartphone comes into range it automatically receives the data from the scale.

The app needs Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Real time updates will be sent to the Smartphone.

Downloading and setting up the app are simple procedures. You can either search for the iWellness4.0 app in the App store or Google store. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code from the last page of the manual. There are two QR codes. One is to be scanned by Android devices and the other isfor iOS.

Once you have installed the app and your Smartphone’s Bluetooth is activated you can easily set up your profile. The information requiredincludes:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Measurement unit
  • Birthday
  • Height
  • Level

The scale can store the information of 10 users. The information isn’t shared among users so you keep your detail private even from other family members.

Scale’s Design

The design of the scale is ultra-sleek and sophisticated. The scale is built with materials that ensure the product is safe to use and is completely durable.

The rubber feet at the bottom of the scale ensure there is no slippage when you step onto the scale. To protect you from further harm the corners of the scale are round. This prevents you from stubbing toes or the scale causing damages to its surroundings.

There are highly sensitive gauges inside the scale. These sensors make use of the latest Bluetooth technology to ensure the unit measurement is 99% accurate every time the scale is used.

The InnerTeck Bluetooth Smart Connected Scale can be used by most people who weigh up to 400lb. The thick 1.6mm tempered glass is safe and won’t break easily. Before the distribution of the scale the tempered glass goes through the drop test procedure to ensure the scale is completely safe to use.

The final layer is a high-tech ITO film instead of using a metal sheet. The unique feature about this film is it provides more sensitivity to the sensors to help deliver a better reading.

Other Specifications

The scale can be used by almost anyone. The measurement ranges from 2kg to 18kg or 4.4lb to 400lb.

The scale automatically shuts down after 30 seconds. This helps preserve the battery life. 4 AA batteries are needed as a power source. They aren’t included in the packaging.

The dimensions of the scale are 12.9’’×12.2’’×0.94’’. It has a weight of 5.5lb. The scale is highly portable.

The readings are displayedin large digits on the scale. This ensures your weight can easily be read.

Pros & Cons


  • Connect easily to Smartphones
  • The measurements displayed are accurate
  • Also practical for those who aren’t focused on losing weight such as bodybuilders
  • The information is presented almost immediately
  • The registration of the app is easy


  • The scales don’t support a strong Bluetooth connection.
  • Only the weight is displayed on the scale. The other measurements get transferred to the Bluetooth App and can only be viewed there.
  • The accuracy is not consistent.

How to Look After Your Scale

Most scales are made with strong materials to make them durable. You still need to look after the scale to ensure it lasts as long as expected.

Looking after your smart scale doesn’t require a lot from you:

  • Use the scale on a hard, level and even surface. This increases the chance of the measurement readings being highly accurate. Avoid carpets.
  • The scale needs to be stable and vibration free. If not, this affects the accuracy of the readings
  • These types of scale aren’t entirely waterproof. To clean the scale, use a damp cloth.
  • Avoid rough treatment of the scale. Hard shaking or drops can affect the internal components. This causes inaccurate readings.
  • The scale can be affected by electromagnetic disturbances such as radios or microwaves.
  • Don’t use low quality batteries—or partly used ones—with the scale because it will affect the readings.

With proper care and maintenance your scale can help you track your health for years to come.


This article clearly shows that using a smart scale is a wise addition to your health and fitness plans. You won’t regret it. This model is accurate, durable and makes it easy to track your weight changes. You can start getting excited about your weight loss program again. This scale makes it fun.

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