Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale Review

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If you’re trying to lose or gain weight, having a digital bathroom scale around the house is a must because it offers you a quick and convenient way to track your progress. If you’re trying to find a no-fuss and reliable weight watcher, the Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale is worth considering.

The Innotech bathroom scale is among digital scales that like to keep things simple. Like most digital scales in its league, it measures only weight and nothing more. It is not equipped with a bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology that sends a weak electrical current up one leg and down the other to provide other metrics such as body fat percentage and total body water.

So, why choose a simple digital bathroom scale over one that provides you with more information? For starters, it is simple. Some people just don’t see the need to know the other figures. And for the not-so-tech-savvy ones, the Bluetooth connectivity and app synchronization can actually be too much of a complication.

Second, the electrical current needed for the BIA technology to measure certain metrics are not actually safe for pregnant women, for those with pacemakers, or for those with steel implants in their body. This leaves them—or should leave you if you belong to that group—to choose analog or simple digital weigh scales over the ones with BIA.

Third, in general, the only accurate measurements that you can really get from smart digital scales are weight. Other metrics will have considerable margin of error because the BIA technology are equipped only to measure the lower half of the body and the few other figures are just estimates based on the general populace. So if you’re on the athletic side, the readings you’ll get are way off from the ones you’ll get at the gym or at the doctor’s clinic.

That is not to say though that smart digital scales are no good, some people choose them over the analog or basic digital ones for good reasons, too. That is subject for another discussion though.

Let’s Now Take a Look Now at the Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale

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The Innotech digital bathroom scale is an immaculate white weighing scale with a 6mm tempered glass surface that’s scratch- and shatter-resistant. It can support weights up to 400 pounds and is protected by an overload indicator. With a 3.6-inch LCD, it is hard to miss your readings in white font against a blue background. Unit readings are in kilos, pounds, and stones. The scale measures 11.7in x 11.7in x 0.7in and runs on two coin batteries CR2032.

Additional features include:

  • Advanced German technology: This accounts for its accurate readings to within 0.2 pounds.
  • Auto-on and -off capability: No need to bend down, pick it up, and turn it on or off. Just step on the scale, and it will light up and give you a reading. It turns off by itself when you get off the scale.
  • Auto-calibration: Works by simply tapping on the scale, letting it zero out, and stepping on the scales to get your measurement.


  •  It has a modern and stylish look. Its curved edges also softens the look of the bathroom scale.
  • It is slim and lightweight, yet it has a sturdy feel to it.
  • Because the readings are large, you don’t need to strain your eyes to see them. It also helps that the LCD screen is backlit. You can even weigh yourself even under low lighting.
  • Its contoured underside allows you to have a firm grip of the scale when moving it.
  • You don’t need to do manual conversion since you can set the scale to read in kilos, pounds, or stones, whichever unit you’re accustomed to.
  • It is reasonably priced.


  • If you want to get an accurate reading, you have to auto-calibrate it each time you use it.


Design: The Innotech digital bathroom scale is one of the most beautiful weighing scales in the market. It has a fresh clean look, elegant yet very unassuming. It is great for any bathroom. With its pristine white color, it might prove to be a tripping hazard though if set on a white floor. So, it is recommended that you station it on a safe spot.

You can also opt to stow it somewhere safe after every use since it is compact and lightweight. Its contoured underside affords you a good grip of the scale so that you can avoid it from slipping. When you use it again, don’t forget to place it in the exact same spot as before and to calibrate it for consistent results.

The Innotech digital bathroom scale is very convenient to use. To turn it on, just tap or step on the scale. With its 3.6-inch backlit LCD, you can easily read your results under any kind of lighting. It is also great that it has a three-unit reading option: kilos, pounds, and stones. When you’re done getting your measurement, just step down and the scales automatically shuts down.

Its auto-on and -off feature though can be its weakness as well. Some people would find it convenient if it keeps the reading for a while after stepping out of the scale.


Fitted with an advance German technology, the Innotech digital bathroom scale provides accurate weight readings. It takes some practice though to learn how to make it provide consistent and reliable results. Learning about its auto-calibration function proves to be helpful.

Reading up on some tips—as those that you can find below this article—is also handy not only in understanding how digital bathroom scales work but also guide you on the best practices for reliable results.


The Innotech digital bathroom scale is a product that offers a good return for your money. It is beautiful, it works great, and it doesn’t put a hole through your pocket.


A good contender of the Innotech digital bathroom scale is the Etekcity weight scale, which also has the auto-on, -off, and –zero features of the product in review. Its tempered glass is slightly thicker by 2mm but load capacity is the same. Display screen is slightly smaller by 0.5 inch but is also backlit. In terms of overall design, this scale doesn’t come close though to how beautiful Innotech’s scale is. But if you’re looking for something cheaper by a few dollars, this is a good choice as well.

Another one worth considering is the Internet’s Best bamboo digital bathroom scale. This eco-friendly weight whisperer is as a natural beauty. Just like Innotech’s, this one is simple yet stylish. It has the same 400-pound load capacity, as well as auto-on, -off, and -zero features. Its backlit screen though is smaller at 2.91in x 1.4in. If the LCD size is something you’re willing to trade off for Mother Nature’s sake, this can be had just for a few more dollars.

Lastly, just in case you can still be talked into buying a bathroom scale with extra features—smart features, that is—take a look at Triomph’s smart scale. It features a large backlit display, same 6mm tempered glass thickness, 400-pound load capacity, and auto-on and -off technology.

But for the price you’re willing to pay for Innotech’s digital scale, you can already have all the bells and whistles that this one offers, namely: readings for daily calorie intake, body fat percentage, water weight, muscle mass, and bone mass; and an automatic recognition tool for up to 10 users.


For the no-fuss person who wants a weighing scale that gets the job done, the Innotech digital bathroom scale is a phenomenal choice. It doesn’t only provide you with reliable results but also a rad-looking equipment that blends well with your home interiors. All those at a good price, too.

A Few Tips to Get Reliable Readings from Your Digital Scale—Basic or Otherwise

Here are a few things to remember when working with digital scales such as the Innotech digital bathroom scale:

  •  Most digital scales are designed to work on a hard, level floor. While there are a few that can work well on carpeted areas, most digital scales can provide consistent and reliable results only when rested on flat, hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles and cement floors.
  •  Good contact between your feet and the sensor pads will give you a good reading. Thus, you need to step on the scales with damp, but not wet, and clean feet.
  • For reliable results, don’t step on the scale after exercising, eating, or drinking. Water and food intake can cause you to take on a few pounds, while a particularly sweaty exercise will make you believe you’ve shed off a few pounds. These are some of the reasons your weight fluctuate within the day.

To get a closer reading to your “true weight”, wait for an hour after drinking or eating or for 24 hours after a strenuous exercise before checking your weight with the scales.

  • A stationary position is ideal for a bathroom scale. If you move it, you need to have it calibrated. Each time? Yes, each time you flip or lift it. Some people find it ridiculous—if not miraculous—that they weigh lower in some parts of the house than in other areas. The culprit may be the surface it is resting on or the lack of calibration after you have just lug it around the house looking for the sweet spot.

Most digital scales have a quick, auto-calibration feature that will just take you around five seconds to do it. Since you’re going to the trouble of weighing yourself, you might as well do it right. Calibrate first.

  • When a perfectly working bathroom scale starts giving you crazy readings, check on the batteries. Batteries that are running low or are depleted may be to blame for the inconsistent readings. Change batteries and check again.
  • Be consistent. These two words mean a whole world of difference when you’re tracking your progress. For reliable results, you need to remove as many variables. These are:
  • Time of the Day. Your weight can flip flop from 2 to 4 kilos in one day. To get good points of comparison, you have to decide what time of the day you’re going to weigh yourself. Mornings generally are the best time.
  • Clothes or Footwear. For obvious reasons, the clothes or footwear you’re wearing or not wearing will skew the results. Generally, men’s clothing can add 2.5 pounds in their reading, whereas women get an extra 2 pounds.
  • Hydration Levels. 50% to 65% of your body is water. So, you can just imagine what a sweaty workout can do to your weight reading. While it is tempting to believe that you’ve shed off that much after a strenuous exercise, it is not true. Heavy sweating can remove 1 to 3 pounds of water from your body—temporarily, that is. As soon as you drink water, you put that weight back on.
  • Food or Water Intake. As mentioned earlier, food and water intake can affect your measurement. Step on the scales after an hour you’ve eaten or gulped down water. Still, certain foods or drinks can cause you to hold water while others will stimulate water loss.
  • 2. Yes, that counts, too. The little things add up just like your clothes.
  • Apparently, the bloated feeling is not just on your mind. Hormonal changes that come with the menstrual cycle do cause you to retain water. So, hopping on the scales on that time of the month is not a good idea.

To simplify things, if possible, keep your weighing scale in your bedroom or in the bathroom. Step on it au naturel in the morning with an empty stomach, bladder, and colon. If that doesn’t work, make your own routine.

And if you had a strenuous workout the day before, weigh in the next day. You don’t actually need to weigh yourself that frequent. You’ll be fine without getting on the scale everyday. Once a week or every two weeks is better.

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