Multifun Digital Bathroom Scale Review

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Today’s society is set-up to be very fast-paced and efficient as technology is continually evolving to meet the need to save more time and make tasks more streamlined. The world of fitness, although it revolves around time-tested equipment and techniques, have adapted to this trend as well and you would see fitness gadgets, like the multifun Digital Bathroom Scale, which has multiple functions and can be synced with popular mobile fitness applications.

Fitness gadgets come in all forms, designs, and sizes, from a minuscule step counter to a bad-ass all-terrain and all-weather camera. All of these would have a feature or two that would often surprise you as you would not often connect those features with such a gadget. Sometimes it is a bonus, sometimes it makes you wonder why it was added in the first place.

Take a look at this Digital Bathroom Scale from multifun.

It looks like your regular digital bathroom scale which can help you track the weight that you are losing or gaining. It is expected to be calibrated to give accurate results and provide you a better picture of where you are when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. But this is a given benefit, what else does the multifun Digital Bathroom Scale have in store for you?

multifun Digital Bathroom Scale

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Features of a Scale

The moment you wake up is said to be the best time to measure your weight. The logic is that the body has digested all that it can and is at its base weight, making it the best weight to track since there are no other factors to consider like your office or gym clothes. Experts even suggest jumping on the scale buck naked, but it is up to you and your comfort level if you would want to do so.

Going back to the features of this scale, the multifun Digital Bathroom Scale not only takes your weight, but it also does something more than that, and they all complement each other. Here are the features;

  • BIA Technology – this bathroom scale uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or BIA technology that estimates body composition using light electric current and how the body reacts to it. Any opposition to an electric current flowing through the body is used to determine the amount of water in the body which in turn is used to measure the muscle mass without the fat. Subtracting that to the body weight is equivalent to the amount of fat in the body.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – the multifun Digital Bathroom Scale automatically uploads the measurements that it takes to the multifun app. This makes tracking seamless and efficient, as well as error-free since it automatically sends the data to the app that saves and creates a report for you.
  • Syncs with Other Apps – this bathroom scale has its app that syncs well with other mobile applications like Apple health and Google fit. The data that the multifun app sends is a great compliment to the information that you key into your main fitness apps.
  • Creates a Fitness Index – the bathroom scale collects data and creates a fitness index which it uploads and syncs with your other apps. The fitness index allows you to know more about your body fat percentage, BMI rating, and bone mass, as well as the other metrics of body composition.
  • User Recognition Software – the multifun Digital Bathroom Scale can be used by multiple people, and its user recognition software can separate the data coming from different people stepping on this product. This will allow you to utilize just one bathroom scale for the entire family without having to worry about data being mixed up once it’s synced.

The multifun Digital Bathroom Scale seems to be a good addition to your fitness gadgets, with all its features and even its app. Need more convincing? Here are some of its advantages:

  • Sleek, Modern Design – This bathroom scale is lightweight and is made of durable materials. Its minimalist and sleek design allows it to fit anywhere and it barely takes up any space. You can store it under the bed, on top of the closet or inside your cabinets. The readout screen is backlit which makes the readings visible even on a dim lightning or dark environment.
  • Does More Than Weights – One great advantage of this scale is that it does more than just measure your weight; it can track your BMI and BMR, Visceral and Body Fat, as well as your bone mass. The multifun scale is perfect for fitness monitoring as the automatic upload of your health data makes it faster to adjust your fitness plans, streamlining the part where you update your diary of your daily health statistics.
  • Straightforward Statistics – The measurements are run through complex algorithms using BIA technology and interpreted on the custom app to provide you with a clearer view of your health. These measurements are straightforward and are free of human error, as long as it is used properly and calibrated regularly.
  • Easy to Use – The multifun scale is very easy to use, you just need to input your details like age, height and email address, among others and then step on it to activate. The device will automatically create your database, and it will send the data to your specific log-ins for storing and analysis. Each user is assigned a different log-in and must have their own account for the app to be able to send details to the correct user. The Bluetooth technology will automatically log you in, too.
  • Auto Activate – Once set-up is complete, you just need to step on it, and it is activated. The automatic on and off function is another great feature of this device, and it saves you battery time as well. The scale also pairs easily with other Bluetooth-enabled devices and syncs to the cloud without a glitch.

The multifun Digital Bathroom Scale, like any other product, also has its disadvantages, but there are always some work-around to fully enjoy the device.

  • App is Website Only – Yolanda, the app made for this bathroom scale, is not available on the Apple store nor is it available anywhere at the Google Play store. To have this essential app, you need to go to multifun’s website and download it from there, which makes the app a potential threat to personal security. It is advisable to download the app only from the manufacturer’s site and nowhere else. Nevertheless, it is always a good practice to have a reliable antivirus on your computer before downloading anything for security purposes.
  • Updates Take Time – Normally, it is advised to weigh yourself early in the morning to get your base weight for tracking purposes. However, some updates take a lot of time to complete, with data refresh occurring early in the evening and even late at night. This becomes a disadvantage as an efficient fitness tracker should be reliable. It is also always advised to check the Bluetooth connectivity of the device to make sure that it is syncing with the online app before storing it or leaving the bathroom.
  • Fluctuating Readouts – Measuring your weight is what this scale does best, but the other data and functions that it sends to the app can be calibrated some more as it seems to fluctuate on a daily basis. Sometimes the readouts would be accompanied with unreliable descriptions and numbers. It is suggested that you consult with a professional regularly and compare the results from the bathroom scale. This activity would help ensure that you are on track when it comes to your fitness goals.
  • Sensitive Sensors – The multifun Digital Bathroom Scale is a little sensitive when it comes to sudden movements, and the measuring mechanism inside gets rattled even when you just move it around the bathroom. This means that you would need to calibrate the scale again so it would be standard. A flat, even and a semi-permanent surface is needed in order to have a well-calibrated device.

The Low-Down

The multifun Digital Bathroom Scale measures your weight and synchronizes the data it pulls from your database and drafts it into a readable report that can help you improve your physical fitness. The device’s algorithms can measure and track the following metrics of body composition:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Mass Ratio
  • Muscle Weight
  • Visceral Fat
  • Bone Mass
  • Protein
  • Water Level
  • Body Age

The Auto Shutdown and Step-On technology save energy while the backlit display ensures that you can view the readouts even while in a dim or dark environment. The streamlined design of this bathroom scale makes it lightweight and efficient while consuming less space as compared to other similar products in the market.

The multifun scale is compatible with popular mobile health applications and is constantly connected to the cloud for your measurement and other data’s storage. On top of that, the included mobile application generates reports automatically and is easy to navigate.

Looking Towards the Competition

If you take a look at other similar products in the market like the Surpahs Sense-ON Multifunctional Digital Bathroom Scale, you will realize that they utilize the same BIA technology, as well as the same automatic shut down and step-on mechanic feature. The Surpahs Sense-on bathroom scale also measures the same body composition metrics that are displayed on an LCD screen.

But where does the advantage of multifun Digital Bathroom Scale lies? While other digital bathroom scales still rely on the user to update and upload their measurements, the multifun Digital Bathroom Scale bypasses that human interaction thereby minimizing errors and resulting to a more accurate analysis.

Another feature that separates this multifun Digital Bathroom Scale from the competition is the number of users that it can detect with its auto-user recognition software. Other scales are limited up to a certain number of users while the multifun scale has the ability to differentiate an unlimited number of users thanks to the included app, Yolanda, and its amazingly reliable Bluetooth connectivity.

The Multi-functional Digital Bathroom Scale

The multifun digital bathroom scale comes with a lot of features that all aim to help you improve your overall wellness. The weighing scale is the most important feature as the daily monitoring of one’s weight is essential to the success of his or her fitness plan.

Of course, like any other equipment, it may have some disadvantages, but correct use and proper maintenance will lessen the instances of having issues, thereby providing you with an excellent experience in using the multifun digital bathroom scale.

Top 3 Tips on Caring for Your Scale

  • Calibrate. Get a fixed weight dumbbell or barbell plate and place it on the scale. The weight of this item should correctly reflect on the weighing scale.
  • Lessen the Resistance. Place the scale on a carpeted area or at least a flat surface with no bumps or cracks. This will ensure that all points of the scale are leveled and able to take your weight evenly.
  • Check and Recheck. Before and after using your scale, make sure to perform the following:
    • Test the batteries to see if they still have charge, otherwise, recharge or change them frequently.
    • Test the Bluetooth signal and do a mock weigh-in just to see if the app will update automatically.
    • Calibrate with the dumbbell or barbell weights once every few days, so it is always calibrated and ready to be used.

The multifun digital bathroom scale is a great tool not just for those who are looking to lose weight consistently, but for those who have their plates full that they don’t have time to manually track their progress. With this scale’s added features and functions, users are sure to stay updated and motivated to reach their fitness goals. Just always make sure that you take care of it and you are sure to see it perform at its finest.

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