Scale Ratio Calculator

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If you would ask a baker about the secret of making the best tasting pastry or cake, probably you will find out that a scale ratio calculator helps them achieve the same result every time they cook. Baking bread and pastries is an art that requires critical measurements of the ingredients.

When everything is mixed, proofed, and kneaded, there is no effective way of finding out how it tastes when its cooked until its—surprise!—cooked.

Baking is not a guessing game, and you cannot adjust the taste of your bread and pastries once its cooked! However, this is not the only application of using precise measurements in the kitchen.

Baked goodies have the most critical application; we cannot deny that, but aside from that, you will be surprised at how much more you can do with a scale calculator.

Scale Ratio Calculator

Applying precise measurement in the kitchen changes your game and unlocks a new level of expertise. Precise measurement is one of the most important elements you need to master when cooking. This will help you arrive with the same results every time you cook.

Of course, the amount of time and temperature play a great role too. If you notice, there is a science behind all of this. The time, weight, and temperature can be all measured with some simple kitchen tools. This means that even with a few basic gadgets, you can make superb restaurant-quality food in your kitchen!

But still, you wonder how come other chefs cook great food without using these tools very often. Let us remind you that they, too, started with those basic tools and with years of experience; they have become very proficient in using them to the point that measuring and timing have become an instinct or a part of their senses.

Now, for us rookie home cooks who have not or not yet finished a degree from cooking schools, we can start taking a step towards becoming one of them by using these specialized tools.

Baking With Precise Measurement

Bakers cannot live without a scale. You cannot put a random amount of dry ingredients and mix it with wet ingredients when baking bread, pastries, and cakes. Well, we cannot tell you what you can and what you cannot do, can we?

You can use random amounts of every ingredient as you please. However, you will also get random results every time you cook it. And when baking, there is no way to get a taste and adjust it after its cooked!

Weighing the exact amount of ingredient makes sure that you will end up with what you expect; a tasty food. When you got everything measured on the dot, adding a portion can be easy to. It will be easy for you to calculate how much more of each ingredient you need to make necessary portion adjustments.

Cooking With Exact Measurements

Aside from baking, a proper ratio calculator can help you increase the portion of food you prepare easily. You can simply multiply or divide the quantities by your selected percentage to increase or decrease the amount you want to cook.

Using this technique will yield you the same good-tasting food even if you increase or decrease the weight of the ingredients in your recipe.

You can also document how much ingredients you use in your special recipe, and repeat it next time your friends or family come over for dinner.

Weight Management

A scale calculator can also help you manage your food and calorie intake. Most often, gaining weight, or not gaining enough weight, is a result of poor portion control. If you are not eating enough food, you will not be able to gain some weight. Essentially, eating too much can lead to weight gain.

Measuring the food you eat will help you maintain, gain or lose weight. In fact, many weight management success stories almost always employ the use of a kitchen scale. You can gradually increase or decrease your food portion by using a ratio calculator too.

Simply decrease or increase it by a few percentage points, and you will surely get a result in no time. Well, of course, measuring is the first step to know how many portions you need.

To become successful in managing your weight using a kitchen scale, you will probably need to read more about nutrition. After discovering the type of foods and the right amount of each type you need to eat each day, you can easily measure it calculates the percentage of each to benefit you.

Regulating the portion and sticking with your program will give you great results.

Monitoring Fluid Intake

Aside from measuring the food you take, you can also measure the fluids you drink. Weight is not just attributed to the food you eat; fluids also play an important role.

Eating salty food and drinking water are a perfect way to retain water inside the body cells. Taking the ideal amount of salt daily and drinking the right fluid quantity can help you avoid gaining excess water weight.

Fluid can also be used in health practices. People with kidney anomalies and other conditions that need to limit or increase fluid intake can benefit from using scale calculators.


Lastly, a kitchen scale can help you prepare portions of your favorite food supplements. Buying large tubs of supplements means more savings. However, packing them in right portions can be a bit challenging without a scale to measure them.

A simple kitchen scale can help you portion and pack anything with precise measurement. You can easily pack your food supplements in the right portions if you will be going out for a few days. Isn’t that nice?

A Handy Tool Indeed

Scale ratio calculator can benefit you in many ways. A simple kitchen scale can be used in various ways that can help you cook better, maintain weight, and monitor food and fluid consumption, and even pack powdered supplements in its ideal serving portion.

Having one at home can serve you well. When you start using it in the kitchen, you will soon be making excellent meals and repeating them over and over again and still get the same taste results.

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