Taylor Kitchen Scale Review

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Kitchen scales are important in ensuring precise measurement of ingredients when preparing various recipes. They are also useful in helping you ration meal portions, especially if you are on a diet and are trying to control your calories. These devices also save you the hassle of measuring ingredients using cups, bowls, and spoons.

With all these benefits, it thus becomes necessary to get an ideal digital scale that takes up little space on your kitchen counter and offers 99.99% precise measurements. One such scale is the Taylor Precision Kitchen Scale. This unit is one of the best modern kitchen scales available today. As such, we took the liberty of reviewing it to highlight why you should get it, its capabilities, and how to use it properly.

Read on to find out more about this great kitchen scale to see if it has the features and functions you are looking for in a scale.

Taylor Kitchen Scale Review

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Since its inception in 1851, Taylor Precision Products has been a leading manufacturer of various home appliances, including kitchen, bathroom, and weather appliances. In their more than 150 years of existence, they have mainly specialized in kitchen appliances, resulting in the creation of this digital kitchen scale.

This lightweight unit incorporates the best components that give it the accuracy it needs to give you precise weight measurements whenever you need it.

Who Is This Product For?

You will find great use in this digital scale if you are a cooking and baking enthusiast. It gives exact food measurements, which can be handy when dealing with tricky recipes.

Do you find it annoying having to clean up multiple dishes, measuring cups, and bowls, every time you are done following a recipe? Then this scale will save you the need to use all those utensils and instead rely on just one or two.

Finally, this scale is an excellent acquisition for those who are mindful when eating. This includes people who want to keep track of their meal portions, those who measure and estimate calories, and generally anyone on a weight loss and healthier eating program.

What Is Included?

You will get the Taylor Digital Kitchen Scale and one CR240 lithium battery when you purchase this product.

Overview of Features

The multipurpose Taylor Precision Digital Scale allows you to weigh many foods and ingredients easily. The manufacturers built this scale with precision as its selling point. It uses high-quality components for exact weighing and measuring. It can weigh up to 4 kilograms or 8 pounds in 0.1 or 1 gram increments.

The TARE feature in this scale allows it to take into account the weight of the measuring bowl or cup, thus giving accurate results. This also makes it easy to weigh different ingredients consecutively without changing the bowl.

You’ll like this digital scale’s design and lightweight build as it makes it easy to store in your kitchen drawers or cabinet. Also, it takes up little space on the kitchen counter, thus giving you more room for placing other items next to it. The 0.5-inch LCD is also quite visible and shows its values in large digits that are easy to read. The buttons, on the other hand, are rubberized and soft to the touch.

The glass top used on this scale is made from tempered glass, which gives it extra strength and durability. Also, this makes it very easy to clean and is resistant to stains and odors that develop from food particles spilling on the surface. Cleaning it only requires a wipe with a damp cloth and then drying it.

One of the features you will enjoy the most about this digital scale is how you can easily switch across various measurements. It offers weight measurement in ounces and grams, and you can change between these measuring units by pressing the ‘UNIT’ button. This allows you to apply recipes regardless of the measuring units used.

This scale uses one CR240 battery that comes with the product. The scale has an auto-shut-off feature to preserve your batteries and extend their lifespan. It displays the scale’s readings for three minutes when a weight is placed on top of it. If there is one, it will show the readings for a minute and then switch off. Alternatively, you can just press the ‘OFF’ button to switch it off manually.

How to Use It

Using this appliance is quite easy and only takes a few steps. You can read them below or watch this video to learn how to use them in less than a minute.

  • Turn on the scale by pressing the ON/TARE/OFF button.
  • Begin by placing your empty measuring container on top of the scale.
  • Press the ‘TARE’ button on the scale so it zeros out and measures the weight of the container.
  • Next, add the food items into the container and note the weight measurement.
  • Once you are done, press the ‘TARE’ button for the measurement of the next ingredient.

You can switch off the digital scale manually after completing your cooking activities. In case you forget, the scale will switch itself off automatically after some time.


  • The scale offers exact and precise measuring
  • TARE feature allows you to weigh multiple ingredients consecutively
  • Odor and stain-resistant tempered glass
  • Auto-shut-off preserves battery life
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • The display has large, easy-to-read digits


  • The plastic casing isn’t as durable as stainless steel digital scales


Taylor Precision Products Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

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This ultra-precise digital kitchen scale is an upgrade from the above-mentioned Taylor scale. It has several advantages, including a stainless steel construction for enhanced durability and a higher weight limit.

You can choose from various product options, some of which have an impressive weight limit of 22 and 33 pounds. Moreover, this scale has a larger LCD and touch control buttons.


If you are looking for an austere yet reliable kitchen scale, the Taylor Precision Digital Scale is a good choice. It has simple functionality that delivers precise weight measurements, allowing you to better control your meals and recipes.

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