Utopia Home Clear Digital Glass Bathroom Scale Review

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If you’re wondering how to pick the ideal home items for you home we have the answer. Simply look for functionality combined with aesthetics. That’s why we advise you to take a look at the Utopia Home Clear Digital Glass Bathroom Scale.

This product perfectly combines all you need in a bathroom scale. Its design will match any décor style and its functionality is excellent. Despite its futuristic style and technology, it’s easy to use.

The market is flooded with bathroom scales that can sync with health apps and programs. This is not what all users need as these features tend to complicate a simple device.

In this review you can get to know this Utopia Home scale’s features. Judge whether it’s the one that matches your requirements.

Utopia Home Clear Digital Glass Bathroom Scale



You’ll love the design of the Utopia Home model. It’s all about minimalism and a practical approach. The glass surface looks modern and won’t ruin your perfectly planned bathroom look.

There’s a blue LCD screen which you should match with your color scheme though. Thanks to the see-through feature of the glass your scale will take on the character of your bathroom floor. You won’t have to worry about any clashing patterns.

How does it Work?

The technology that drives a scale is probably the most important part. You need to be able to trust the scale’s readings. Can you trust this Utopia Home model?

We believe you’ll get accurate readings every time you get on the scale. This is thanks to a high precision strain gauge sensor.

Its accuracy is further enhanced by four load sensors. These are positioned at the four corners. They allow accuracy even when the scale is placed on an uneven surface.


A scale should not complicate your life. You want an easy answer to keep track of your weight. This is usually for health reasons. Why make it difficult?

This is where this product makes sense. It doesn’t require any difficult setup processes. You can use it the moment you take it out of the packaging. You don’t have to concern yourself with any intricate settings or calibrations. It simply displays weight on an LCD screen. This screen glows bright enough so you can read the digits in dimly lit areas too.

You do require accuracy with a scale. This model gives you accurate readings to the nearest 0.2lb. With such detail you have enough information to track your health and weight fluctuations if any.

Some users are extremely sensitive regarding light. Make sure the LCD glow doesn’t bother you. You may need to move it or simply store it inside a cupboard. It’s compact enough to fit in most storage spaces.


The bathroom can become a slippery place. When water spills on floors you never know what can happen and items may end up breaking if someone loses their balance. This is why everything in your bathroom needs to be of high quality.

The Utopia Home scale sets your mind at rest. Even though it’s made of glass you benefit from various durability features:

  • The glass is specifically chip resistant.
  • The glass is 6mm thick which affords a lot of support. You can weigh items up to 396 lbs without damaging the scale.
  • The strong glass won’t break even when there’s pressure on the edges of the scale.

These features make your new scale safe enough to place within children’s reaches. You can leave it on the bathroom floor without risk of someone cracking it accidentally.

You don’t simply want physical durability. Modern scales use digital technology which requires power. This allows for clear displays and accuracy but you don’t want to change batteries the whole time.

This Utopia Home product has a built-in auto shutdown mode. 15 seconds after you get off the scale the unit will turn off. This prevents battery power being used unnecessarily. If your battery power does get low you’ll be notified on the screen.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Glass design looks sleek and classy in any bathroom.
  • Can use in areas with less light thanks to glowing screen.
  • Easy to use.
  • Large display makes it easy for anyone to read.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Small design makes for easy storage.
  • No setup required.
  • Chip resistant glass.
  • Strong enough to carry and measure up to almost 400 lbs.
  • It’s flat enough to store under furniture so it doesn’t take up floor space.


  • Rough handling may result in inaccurate readings. Confirm accuracy from time to time.
  • No options to sync with fitness apps.
  • Requires battery power so you need to keep an eye on the power level.
  • Some users report problems with readings when weight is placed on a certain side.
  • It’s a compact scale which some people may find a bit too small for larger sized feet.

Tips on Scales

Some people hate using a scale purely because of bad past experiences. You can minimize frustration by using your scale correctly:

  • Place the scale on a flat surface. Digital bathroom scales require a level floor in order to give accurate readings.
  • Make sure the surface is hard. A soft surface—such as some vinyl floors offer—may influence readings.
  • Allocate a place to your scale so you don’t have to move it often. Continuous moving of digital scales can have their sensors deteriorate in accuracy.
  • Warn users not to let it get wet as any liquid can make the surface slippery. You don’t want someone slipping.
  • You’ll get the most accurate readings if you spread your feet—weight—evenly across the surface of the scale.


If you’re looking for an easy answer to determine your weight this Utopia Home model is your answer. It caters for users who don’t want unnecessary features that result in high prices. This basic approach is matched with a beautiful design that will complement any room. You don’t need anything more. It’s truly the ideal easy solution.

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