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Fitness experts and health professionals both agree that weighing yourself and tracking your daily weight in a journal or in an app is one of the best practices that can yield the best results, especially when it comes to losing excess weight.

With the influx of new technology, it is probably to your best interest if you would know more about the best body composition scale that is available in the market.

Benefits of Having the Best Body Composition Scale

Other than the obvious health-related perks, the best body composition scale should offer a variety of benefits that are consistent across the board. While most office clinics and hospitals would have this, it’s not like you can drop by every day just to have your weight measured.

Also, the optimal time to step on a bathroom scale is in the morning, as soon as you wake up. This is when you are at your lightest, sans the food being digested and water that have been ingested the previous day.

  • Convenience – having your own body composition scale provides the convenience of being able to measure your weight any time you want, especially if you have odd waking hours and cannot always go to an HMO regularly.
  • Consistency – having the best body composition scale means you can weight yourself and track it daily. As you may know, consistency is the key to a successful fitness plan, and a body composition scale allows you to do just that. Being a digital scale, it provides you a more accurate figure as compared to analog or counterweight scales where you have to guess the fractions.
  • Better Than Manual Analog Scales –the best body composition scales are more consistent than analog or counterweight scales and the results are easy to read on the LED screens. Their screens are also backlit allowing the scales to be used even in dark conditions. Some digital scales can even sync your stats automatically to a mobile health app that further streamlines your fitness plan.
  • Added Features – counterweights and analog scales are just that, they do not offer anything else. Digital bathroom scales measure not just your weight but also your body fat, muscle mass and other measurements related to fitness.

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Here are three of the best digital bathroom scales that are available right now. Each of them come from a different brand and have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, as well as additional features which is now a staple among new digital bathroom scales.

Body Composition Scale Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Nokia Body Cardio Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale
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Greater Goods Smart Scale
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INEVIFIT Body-Analyzer Scale

Nokia Body Cardio

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Nokia is more known as a mobile phone manufacturer but they have branched out into making other digital devices. The Nokia Body Cardio, just like Nokia’s mobile devices, comes packed with more features than one would expect.


  • Health Mate – it comes with a free mobile app that syncs the data from the scale automatically.
  • Advanced Connectivity – Nokia Body Cardio syncs data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and it can be connected to other health apps like MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, and Apple Health.
  • Body Composition Monitor – this bathroom scale also measures your BMI, your total body fat and the water percentage in your body, as well as your bone and muscle mass
  • Unique Users – the scale can recognize up to eight unique users.
  • Modern Design – the Nokia bathroom scale is built with a stable platform and a sleek, streamlined design.
  • Long Battery Life – this body composition scale comes with rechargeable batteries that can last up to 12 months on a single charge.


  • The wireless connectivity that the Nokia Body Cardio body composition scale allows it to get the daily weather forecast as soon as you step on it in the morning. It is displayed on the LED screen as well as on the Health Mate app.
  • Compared with other body composition scales, the Body Cardio is more accurate and displays more consistent data.
  • This smart scale also allows for multiple users to use it. Each user is assigned a unique username and data is automatically synced to the user currently logged in.
  • Data is wirelessly synced to a mobile health app which gives you a trending view of your progress and the detailed report also allows a glimpse of your overall health.


  • The Nokia Body Cardio body composition scale comes with a quick start user guide, which is pretty much confusing but otherwise, the scale is easy to set-up and use.
  • The LED screen does not have any battery meter indicator which would have been a nifty feature but the batteries do last long and they are rechargeable to boot.

Greater Good Digital Body Fat Weight Scale

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This body composition scale from Greater Good offers a good body composition scale with additional features and an equally good after-sales service. Greater Good promises a no-frills and hassle-free experience, and they also donate a portion of their profit to nonprofit organizations on your behalf.


  • Extra Large Results – the results are displayed on an extra large LED screen with a soft backlight for easier readouts.
  • Body Composition Monitor – this body composition scale also measures your BMI, your total body fat and the water percentage in your body, as well as your bone and muscle mass
  • Tough And Durable – this body composition scale is made of tempered glass and hard plastic with no limit on the weight capacity.
  • Unique Users – the scale can recognize up to eight unique users.


  • This body composition scale is easy to use and analyzes your body composition quickly. The readout is displayed on an extra large screen and it is also backlit for darker environments.
  • The Greater Good scale is lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, with its smooth lines and small size.
  • Greater Good keeps its scales as accurate as possible when it comes to taking your weight and it ensures that the data of each user is kept safe using unique privacy locks.


  • The Greater Good body composition scale does not come with a user manual so you would have to download it before you can set the scale up.
  • The body composition scale does not have any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity which means you would have to track everything manually or use a separate app to do that.
  • Other body composition measurements, like the body fat and water percentage, are not consistent with its accuracy, especially if you stepped on it again after a few minutes from the initial weigh in. It is therefore advised to check with a professional when it comes to reading these kinds of measurements.

Inevifit Body Analyzer

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The Inevifit Body Analyzer is a smart bathroom scale with its automatic sensors that measures not just your weight but your body composition as well. It is a smart body composition scale with a sleek and modern design that can fit anywhere.


  • Smart Body Composition Scale – Inevifit Body Analyzer comes with an automatic on and off switch which would save battery life. All you need is to step on the scale to turn it on and it turns off after a few seconds once it gets all the measurements.
  • Unique Users – the scale can recognize up to ten unique users.
  • Body Composition Monitor – this bathroom scale also measures your BMI, your total body fat and the water percentage in your body, as well as your bone and muscle mass
  • Small And Lightweight – this body composition scale is small and lightweight and with its sleek and modern design, it can blend well in any room in the house.
  • Easy to Read – the results from the Inevifit Body Analyzer is displayed on a large LED screen that has a soft backlight so you can read it even it a darkened area.


  • The Inevifit Body Analyzer is a breeze to set-up and it is also easy to use with the readouts displayed on a large screen that is easy to the eyes. The large LED screen also displays the results for a longer period of time as compared to other products of the same genre.
  • The results and measurements from Inevifit Body Analyzer are deemed to be more accurate and consistent as compared to other body composition scales.
  • The body composition scale takes up a very minimal space and it is lightweight. Its non-obtrusive design allows it be placed almost anywhere you want it to be.


  • The Inevifit Body Analyzer does not have any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity so there is no way to see any trending data unless the results are manual tracked using another mobile health app or by pen and paper.
  • The batteries included with the package are almost always discharged and you would need a new set of batteries right after opening the pack. New batteries do not always last long, they have an average of one month at best.
  • The body composition percentages can fluctuate from time to time but it is normal since the hydration base of your own body also fluctuates.

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Buying the Best Body Composition Scale

Each of these body composition scales has their own advantages and disadvantages but before making a choice on which one is the best, here are some things to look at before buying that digital bathroom scale.

  • Accuracy – the best body composition scale must display consistent results, not just with the weight measurement but when it comes to other body composition ratings as well. There may be some variance though when it comes to body fat percentage and other factors like bone mass and visceral fat as they do fluctuate in real life. Try calibrating the bathroom scale by placing an object with a predetermined weight, say a gym plate, and see if the measurements will match.
  • Features – you really don’t need all the features that companies can throw in a body composition scale but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at them. What is important is that the scale can measure your weight and keep track of it for you. Body composition measurements are okay and beneficial in the end.
  • Durability – some products are just not built to withstand the test of time, not to mention having to endure users weight on a daily basis. But modern weighing scales now come in durable plastic with wirings that can withstand vibration better.
  • Capacity – this goes two ways. First, check the memory capacity of the digital bathroom scale, the larger the memory the better. Secondly, check the weight capacity of the scale. There are a few scales that can only carry up to a certain number of pounds and forewarns about measuring something larger or heavier.
  • Battery Life – the best body composition scale run on batteries and not all bathroom scales would have an automatic turn off/on function. There are scales that are energy efficient with several features built in.
  • Maintenance – generally, body composition scales are easy to maintain and clean but there are some scales that need to be brought to specialized center even with the minutest problem which would not be cost effective and time efficient.

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Taking a quick glance at the possible benefits and the features that each of these bathroom scales has, the Nokia Body Cardio is the best body composition scale right now. While the number of unique users that can use it is lesser compared to the other two scales on this list, it does have its own app that automatically syncs the data from the scale so you won’t have to track it manually.

The batteries of the Nokia Body Cardio last longer at 12 months per use and they are rechargeable as well, making the scale a sustainable way of tracking your health. Coming from Nokia, this body composition scale can handle anything and is durable, while its added features like the BIA analyzer and the weather forecasts are really nice perks and a good way to start your day.

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