What Is The Most Accurate Scale To Weigh Yourself: The Recommended Weighing Scales

What Is The Most Accurate Scale

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Weight loss, they say, is easy to figure out. The basic rule is to eat less and find some time to exercise. However, this is not as simple as we thought as one needs more than just eating less and exercising more to lose weight effectively. In fact, a person who wishes to go on a diet must also have the right tools and equipment. Among the first questions to come to mind is “What is the most accurate scale to weigh yourself?” as one of the best ways to shed those unwanted pounds is to take and record the weight regularly.

Regular Weighing to Achieve Weight Loss

Moreover, there are also other tips one can follow to be successful in the weight loss journey. For example, some experts would say that the trick to losing more pounds is to weigh yourself more often.

In fact, one research found out that individuals who are attached to their weighing scales managed to shed off more pounds. In this study, the participants used scales that were internet-abled, allowing them to upload their weight data to a community of dieters. Those who often took the time to weigh themselves managed to lose more weight as opposed to those who failed to get their weight regularly.

Another study also revealed that weighing oneself every day is one good way of losing more pounds. The daily weighing along with tracking of the measurement helped participants achieve their desired goals as well as keep the pounds from coming back for two years after the research.

What Is the Most Accurate Scale to Weigh Yourself: The Different Kinds of Scale

There are two kinds of bathroom scales one can use to achieve weight loss. These are:

  • Analog Scale

This makes use of a spring-loaded scale that comes with a dial. However, this is not quite reliable as some research pointed out that the analog scale usually tends to be set to around 0.95 kilograms rather than zero.

  • Digital Scale

This scale is the one widely used these days as it is more accurate and precise than the analog one. It has digital sensors, and the results are displayed on its LCD screen. Many of this kind of scale also allow users to switch between kilograms and pound easily.

Meanwhile, bathroom scales are not the only options available to weight watchers.

  • Balance Scale

This scale is, arguably, much bigger and space-consuming than the digital and analog ones. This kind of scale is often found at fitness clubs, doctors’ offices, clinics, and gyms. It has some weights as well as a platform and an upright balancing mechanism.

The balance scale is the most accurate of the three. However, reading the measurement is a skill to be learned. And as such, those who are not experienced in reading the results from this scale may not get the correct information.

Moreover, many people do not have much space in their homes to for the balance scale. Aside from the fact that this kind of scale is difficult to blend with home furnishing, fixture, and accessories. So, the best bet is to go for a digital weighing scale to help you with your fitness goals.

Highly Recommended Weighing Scales

One only needs to know the features of each product to determine what is the most accurate scale to weigh yourself.

Etekcity Modern Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

The No products found. is one of the best weighing scales for those who are monitoring their pounds closely. It is reasonably priced but of high-quality. It is also easy to use, and reading is far from complicated. This weighing scale has a good accuracy as well as precision.

This digital scale is built with German technology. It has no fluff and has basic features but is precise and accurate. One simply needs to step on it to know his or her weight. It is also durable and can support up to 400 pounds.

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale

The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale is different from the usual ones because of its Bluetooth connectivity. One can use his or her smartphone to track several body compositions such as body fat, BMI, and other metrics. Plus, users can also use a variety of fitness track with this weighing scale such as Google Fit, Apple Health app, and FitBit. This tool is fairly accurate, too.

Technology is what makes this weighing scale a good buy because aside from its Bluetooth and ability to work with health apps, this weighing scale also has a built-in memory that can save the profile and details of up to eight users.

Taylor Precision Products Glass CalMax and BMI Electronic Body Fat Scale

The Taylor Precision Products Glass CalMax and BMI Electronic Body Fat Scale can handle heavy persons who weight up to roughly 440 pounds or 200 kilograms. It has a solid feel as well as an underfoot that is guaranteed to be durable. One will not hear a creaking sound when stepping on this weighing scale.

The ability to carry a heavyweight is not the only virtue of this product. For one, it has built-in BMI calculator where users only need to input their data such as height and weight. It can also store the profile of four users and also has an automatic on and off mechanism. It runs on lithium battery where users will be alerted if it’s already running low.

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

The EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale boasts of many features. For one, it can measure a number of health metrics such as fat, bone, and muscle mass as well as body water. One only needs to step on this weighing scale to find out his or her weight on the big LCD screen. It also comes with eight user profiles. The product maker also offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Whatever diet and exercise you prefer, always keep in mind that losing weight is more achievable if one has a reliable weighing scale. It is never necessary to keep track of everything—what you eat and when you eat it, or what your weight and vital statistics are. However, tracking them religiously allows you to see your progress better, which in turn, motivates you more to reach your fitness goals.


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